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  1. Curious to know what you blades eat when high and healthy that tastes good.

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  2. for me its carrots

    now I have x-ray vision

    and use smaller belts
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  3. Fruit is pretty solid. Wouldn't call it healthy per se, but it's definitely better than junk food and I feel like I've at least made a step in the right direction.

    I don't experiment sober but it just tickles me to try a new fruit when I'm high. Takes care of cottonmouth and it's a unique experience.

    It's a discipline I hope to take further into better territory in the future. I "could" munch out and feel fine about it, but I legit feel like I worked out or won a battle when I use the munchies to eat something healthier.

    Smoothies there are TON of combos for actual healthy stuff, which is my other first step that I always fall back on for morning meals. Since I find my tastebuds are more alert, vegetable smoothies go from "L0L" to "interesting". Can't say I like it, but it is certainly interesting to analyze an unexplored taste.

    Expanded my palette so many ways. Hard to believe really.
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  4. fruits.. its the healthiest food for the human body, our biological construct is designed more for fruits than anything else even vegetables, teeth, nails, intestinal tract, stomach acidity, saliva ect.. when you look at all these things and animals in the wild we are closer to frugivores than anything else
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  5. This has been a "fruitful" discussion...
  6. Popcorn, fruit, smoothies, yogurt, sometimes I'll go all out and cook chicken Parmesan or a hamburger or something like that. Like really cook. None of that pre-made or frozen shit.
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  7. Red crisp grapes and really cold water is my go too daily or cereal
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  8. yam fries- cut up yam/sweet potato into fry size bites, mix in a bowl with olive oil, salt, pepper and juice of half a lemon. Put in the oven 375 for 15 mins or so- cook longer if you want crispier, shorter if you like squishier fries.

    Nuts are full of protein and healthy fats, get the good healthy nut butters, oatmeal, fish, spinach smoothies, etc
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  9. Being an everyday smoker on keto you kinda have to find creative foods to munch on, here's what I usually eat

    1. Beef jerky - It's high in protein, almost no carbs, and absolutely delicious, especially when you're baked ;)
    2. Carrots w/ greek yogurt ranch - Barely any calories, no carbs, and you can eat a ton of them
    3. Parmesan crisps and guacamole - My personal favorite, it's just all around great in every way
    4. Avocado crisps and buffalo chicken dip - Also pretty great for low carb/keto/over all calorie cutting, plus they're not too hard to make... They do however take forever to make <_<
    5. Sugar free jello with whipped cream - Almost no calories, tastes great, good for sweet tooth
    6. Hamburgers w/ no bun - Just wrap a burger of your choice in lettuce and you've got a healthy balanced meal
    7. Broccoli - Little trees go great with a little trees, same as carrots, you can eat a ton of them with no drawbacks
    8. Celery and buffalo dip - Celery is like the healthiest thing ever so yeah, and buffalo dip is just great
    9. Yogurt - Another great choice if you want something sweet

    I'm sure there's more i'm not thinking of, but do try all of the above, you won't be disappointed :thumbsup:
  10. Fruit. and better yet, find a local farmer's market.
    the taste of supermarket fruit is a serious turn off for many people (myself included). in many cases it's like eating cardboard or some underripe crap vs actual delicious food full of flavor and nutrients.
  11. I eat completely the same as I always would with no dietary restrictions. The best health tip is drink plenty of water and stay away from anything carbonated as beverages.

    As far as food goes I put pancake syrup on everything because I have such a damn sweet tooth. :biggrin:

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