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healthy growing

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by pureevilchaos, Mar 5, 2003.


is this any good

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  1. when growing your pot put a nail in the ground six inches from the plant. marijuana is iron deprived it helps it grow to have iron.

    the best stuff to grow it in is chicken shit or bat shit. those are the healthest fertilizers to grow it in.
  2. I wouldnt fill the WHOLE pot with chicken/bat shit...

    Would need to balance it out with soil and such...
    not sure about the iron thing, but I've never heard of it. dunno if that would give it iron anyway..
  3. Wouldn't watering it cause rust?! Doesn't sound like a very good idea to me, instead try a fert with trace elements.
  4. Well if it did rust it would need oxygen, and it would take it out of the water and deprive your roots, but in the end it produces iron oxide but in a huge quantity and it would probably kill your plant.
  5. hm

    well iron availability is a function of the soil pH and the plants ability to take that iron up in the soils pH.

    meaning some plants can take up iron in very basic soil and some cannot.

    ill note here that weed is a pretty mellow plant and can take up many nut's in a broad range of pH's

    the more acidic the soil...the more Fe. but do u necessarily want more Fe? u dont there is a limit and over u get into trying to sluff off too much.

    in a good soil mix or a hydro mix, u want ur pH at around 6.5. u want ur Fe at around 5mg/L.

    if u start to get over that and get into the 10mg/L range...u start to accumulate iron in ur plant and that has to be waist streamed into the large fan leaves...thus slowing down ur plant.

    so...what is the moral of the story u ask?

    first...make sure u got a good pH level. then make sure u have proper amounts of macro and micro nut's. and save the nails to build the greenhouse to grow all ur weed in.

    In laymen's terms, micro nutes (nutrients) are the same thing as trace elements...something mj needs in very small quantities. Too much of a good thing and it becomes toxic and growth slows.


    Some of these minerals are needed more than others.
  7. Here in Tassy we use would you beleive, Elephant Shit. The local nursery can get it from his brother. It is marketed as "ZOO POO". It's bloody great stuff..

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