Health Effects Blocking Legalization?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by NorthernPeace, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. I am wondering what you guys think about the possible adverse effects of smoking cannabis and how that affects the legalization, decriminalization, and medical marijuana debate?

    Here's my thoughts. While I have been unable to find anything substantiating claims of lung cancer, black lung disease, or emphysema, maybe some of you have? Reputable medical journals are most likely eager to post about the adverse health effects of cannabis usage, but why then haven't we been slapped in the face, repeatedly, with report after report coming to similar conclusions? That cannabis smoking causes adverse health effects? I think it is because no substantiated claims can be made.

    Why is this valuable? I believe that disproving the connection between adverse health effects and mild to moderate cannabis smoking may be the most difficult hurdle to cross. Many law enforcement professionals can attest to the absence of cannabis causing lawlessness in the populace. And we can look at history and point to the criminalization of cannabis being marked with racist undertones and corporate greed. We can also point out the close link between tobacco companies and the subsidies they receive from the government. But with all of this in place, we need to be able to support with millions of people as test subjects, the absence of adverse health effects caused by cannabis use.

    No deaths from cannabis use means ZERO! I mean come on, this is our lifetime, and I don't feel like living as a criminal anymore and I don't feel like being told lies about medical effects of cannabis use. What do you guys think?
  2. like with any other substance that you smoke there are negative health effects on your lungs. MJ also raises bloob pressure and may cause palpaltations in individuals with heart problems. However, these instances are rare. The raised blood pressure is a fact, even i had it when i still smoked herb. It can also cause poor circulation but idk why, its just what happened to me and when i stopped smoking it all went away.
    The bigger problem with legalization is the fact that kids are fucking idiots nowadays. I mean how many bindge drinkers do you see in a high school or college. If MJ were legal, authorities are just afraid that people would become bindge smokers.
  3. they have been disproved or at the very least never proven. the problem is everyone gets told shit in school like one joint is as bad for you as 8 cigarettes or whatever. the real information isn't wide spread enough for the average person to know. walk up to someone you know and ask them which is worse for your lungs a joint or a cigarette. unless they are self educated on weed they probably think that weed is worse for you because they were told that it was true and never questioned it.
  4. Thanks for the thoughtful comments guys, but I am really looking for actual medical studies done that are cited as implications of cannabis causing adverse health effects. The thing is that we, not being medical professionals or biological researchers, don't carry any clout or weight in any kind of debate concerning the health effects of cannabis. So our opinions, hearsay, and personal experience as part of the internets and cannabis smoking, count for next to nothing in the professional community.

    It would follow logically and reasonably that inhaling combusted organic plant matter could pose health risks to your body, but I don't believe significant amounts of adequate research have been done on cannabis smoke alone. So if anyone finds any journals or medical reviews or articles period concerning cannabis use and its health effects I would sure love to see it!

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