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  1. I just had a dlashback of me as a real young kid in health class fillin out a booklet in health. It would have a situation and I would have to write what my choices were and I picked the best option.
    Ex. Your at your friend billy's house and his parents aren't home. his older brother drew and his friend are smoking a marijuana ciggaratte. What do you do?

    And I would have to write the correct answer. Did any other blades do something like this in school health class.
  2. Display laudable curiosity about this mythic "marijuana cigarette" that the government is always referencing, and ask to see it. Take it away from these unfortunate young deviants for further analysis.;)
  3. Yes. That along with saying no to sex was horrid. They even tried to get us to sign "contract" things saying we'd never do drugs and wouldn't have sex until we were married. lol
  4. Yea, but we had to act it out. We would have skits like that in class and someone would be like, "Yo you want to go smoke some marijuana?" and me being the little ignorant fuck that I was I always said yes. Haha my teachers fucking hated when I did this but I thought it was hilarious, that was before I ever even seen weed, now look at me :D Now that I think about it I was always the class clown.
  5. We had to do this.
    They had these "anonymous" forms that we had to fill out,and they would ask if we have smoked alcohol,had sex,smoked cigs or weed.
    I would always check yes on all of them just to be a smartass and put a big smiley face beside the boxes,even though I had only tried alcohol at that time.
    They also had the questions similar to what OP had,and after I got lectured about it by my teacher because he can pick my handwriting out of the rest of the class because it's so neat,I had to be more serious.
    I think the question was similar to the OP's question,it was like "You went to Steve's house to play video games when his parents aren't home,and Steve started smoking Marijuana.He asked if you wanted some.What do you do in this situation?"
    I replied "no thanks,and leave it at that because I can't tell him what to do in his own house" and that was it. Haha
  6. No, but one time I had to write an essay about how weed is bad, 7th grade I think.
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    How do you smoke alcohol please elaborate :confused: :hippie: :laughing:
  8. I just remember writing a lot of pledges... as if some piece of paper I was forced to write in the third grade is really going to impact me now.

    But fuck man, I broke my pledge. :(
  9. they surveyed my school for drug use and as it turns out 60% of my senior class shoots heroin :rolleyes:
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    I fuckin laughed
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    Me to. Didn't notice that. Haha
  12. i just recently remebered that I signed a pledge top and laughed about how I have broken it too many times to count by now. I also thought it was funny that the first time i remebered I had signed a pledge was years after I had first smoked/ I rememeber thinking, signing this is so stupid, i will never smoke weed anyway (since I was a young brainwashed idiot at the time). Now I would say "this is so stupid there is nothing wrong with weed anyway/"

    I noticed that. I wanted to be a smartass, but too many people beat me to it.
  13. Hahaha yes!!! We did this all the time, even last year. I remember last year I was high when we made a skit. We made a fake joint and tried to pressure another kid to hit it. It was hilarious cause i was high and the teacher had no idea.
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    So you were in character! Haha

    Yeah, had to do this stuff in 5th grade. I remember the class doing skits or speeches. My speech was way dramatic, but I can only remember the last sentence, "I'm drug free because I don't want to end up sitting in a cell somewhere, not knowing who I am, just because I made a bad decision on the street."
    And everyone in the class was like, "wow that was awesome!!" I felt so proud haha.

    They really tried to mold our brains into something perfect. Crazy stuff. I probably wouldn't have even thought about drugs for another few years, maybe never done them, had they not shoved dare down our throats. It was funny though, looking back, a bunch of cops and a 60 year old 5th grade teacher telling a bunch of 10 year olds to never ever do drugs, and always wear condoms if we wanted to have sex.
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    I was really High at the time.
  16. in 5th grade we had to write our anti-drug and they sent em to the local newspaper. i ended up in the paper for saying mine was basketball...and my mom still has it on the fridge lol.

    other than that, we had the usual dare classes and stuff. they used to do puppet shows for the little kids about drugs and bring dogs in.
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    That's a bit of a fail moment isn't it? If it's still on the fridge... lol
  18. yeah i look at it everyday and think about how stupid it is. even my mom said it was dumb, she just put it on the fridge because it was my name in the newspaper haha

  19. How do you smoke alcohol
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    Very carefully. It's highly flammable, you know?

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