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    Hello folks,

    I recently bought an SGW waffle tube and it's fucking awesome. The only problem is that the icepinch slide that came with it is just terrible; Very hard to snap and I hate fucking around with my keys to empty it.

    So I want to buy a new slide. And since I have OCD it just has to be perfect. I am looking for a slide similar to these ones:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2lJolF_jJc]A Closer Look at my El Hefe bowls - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh-5kvNXfcI]Halo Perc by Zob / El Hefe Push Bowl / RooR.de Worked Diffuser - YouTube[/ame]

    I think you folks get the idea of what I'm looking for now. I don't care about origin, I don't care about brand or any of that stuff; As long as it looks fucking epic and somewhere along the lines of the slides above.

    The problem is I cannot find any place where I can order such nice slides. I have tried Grasscity/Evryonedoesit/Aqualbs/RXindustries/Kultureva/Bitfeakglass; None of these sites offer anything that is comparable to the slides I have posted above. I have also been recommended to checkout boromarket but having to pay 50 dollars just a little too much in my opinion.

    So, my question is: Where can I find a nice slide that suites my taste? (websites, e-mail addresses, etc. POST ANYTHING!)

    Thanks in advance!


  2. Somewhere to place a custom order is ok too.
  3. best bet would be boromarket. look for el hefe double layer slide or opas too.
  4. Looking at that first picture, I felt warm tingly sensations coming from my nether regions.

    Is that wrong?
  5. Try highpriorityglass it has some pretty nice things
  6. You can definitely find stuff as nice as those on AQlab, maybe not those exact ones though, and those are vibrant!

    Definitely check BoroMarket, a sub is only $50, and you'll save enough on glass for it to work in your favor.
  7. here is what u do! Go on tokecity.com, make an account, PM el hefe, get one custom. Id imagine he is willing to do that kinda stuff because i see so many threads on TC that are about custom made glass
  8. I´ve got the same problem bro, hence the thread. lol

    I will take a look there, thanks.

    AQlabs has nice stuff I agree, but nothing that suites my tastes thus nothing I can settle with.

    And for me 50 dollars is a lot of money. I might consider it but I don´t understand why it is necessary to pay 50 dollars anyways.

    I will definitely try this if everything else fails.
  9. DWB makes some incredibly sick slides, go look at his thread on here. Bunch of people order from him and he is IMO on of the best custom blowers in the glass game right now.
  10. High priority dot com my brotha
  11. I'd sell you this Hefe out of my collection:

  12. So you prefer push slides to diffy slides? That's a first...



  13. I'm sure it's not a first. And I agree, BFG is great.
  14. ^
    For me anyway, I can't imagine not using a diffy slide.
  15. I'll vouch for the OP, there's something kind of nice about push slides. It's just a traditional feel with a satisfying *snap* as you clear the bowl.
  16. I feel ya there...I love my DD slides but I still use my martini all the time. Its just has a different feel to it.
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    It's all subjective, isn't it? :p

    I e-mailed bit freak glass a couple of days ago but still no response.
  18. I tried to make an order from bitfreakglass but my e-mail is not being responded to. I don understand how I should make an order there.

    Found nothing I liked on HPG.

    I messaged el hefe on tokecity as someone here recommended but I doubt I´ll get a response since I read in the rules that you shouldn´t PM artists to buy stuff.

  19. oh hey, one of those slides looks familiar ;)


  20. Wanna sell it to me?

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