Headshops in Maryland?

Discussion in 'General' started by LtTibbbles, May 30, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone, wassup from the East coast of MD! Any fellow tokers out there from the Cambridge/Easton/Salisbury/OC area? Anyways I'm back from college and I need a new piece, any decent head shops in the area? I don't really want to have to go all the way to Baltimore, there's got to be a few places closer than that right? :confused:

    Thanks everyone, peace :)

    ::EDIT: Also, not completely sure if this is in the right category, I couldn't find any other category it seemed to fit in, hope I'm not breaking any rules, we love you mods :)
  2. I'm sure you could find something in the OC area down that way... I know a few places, buttttt they're all near Baltimore, haha. :smoking:
  3. Haha yeah, you would think, but apparently there's a law in OC that they can't sell glass pieces :eek: Blew my mind too. It just seems pretty crazy to think that there's not a better place on the East Coast. What sort of spots are in Baltimore though? I'm probably making a trip over there in the next few weeks anyways... :smoking:
  4. i Baltimore there is Docs, Firefly, and another one that i cant think of the name is...they are all right next to each other....if u go into towson...the is elevation underground...j friendlys and the otherside, in parkville there is a place called shockers
  5. I got my first glass piece in shockers preatty nice place there i got my grinder for a discount and my hookah for discount but im shoppin of the internet now.Last time i was in oc they sold glass pieces on the boardwalk but i guess they changed the rule they had nice ones too. They sold some type of herb in this one store with some random jamaican mannequin with a joint on the front.

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