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Headshop Question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CoreyR, May 25, 2009.

  1. My little brother is 17 and he really wants to go into a headshop to browse smoking paraphanelia but is ovbiously underage.
    What percent of headshops will lets him buy the item if he just goes in as if everything was normal and even though he shows his I.D. that says he's 17
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    Hmmm sounds like your "little brother" ;) might have a problem.

    They probably won't let him buy, but I know a lot of head shops that sell other things (cds, posters and such). And you- I mean your "little brother" could go in and simply look at em n shit.

    I use to just look when I was underaged.
  3. Headshops sell pipes and other items under the tobacco law, meaning you have to be either 16, 18 or 21 depending on the laws in your state. They all differ. Thats why they sell pipes and bongs with a little bbag of tobacco with them. Plus, its someone's business and they more than likely won't break the law because many are tested all of the time by undercover types.

  4. depends on your area, good places have a 10% chance, bad places have a higher chance, most dont take the chance because they can get their license revoked and for a 'tobacco' product store that means shutdown
  5. Before I was 18 I never had a problem, they never IDed me except when I was in middle school.
  6. What if I go in with him and he picks it out and I buy it for him, I'm 19.
    Will they have to ID him too?
  7. tell him to go in and give you a description of the piece, then you go in alone and buy the piece, that plan is foolproof, if hes next to you and its obvious hes underage they may not sell it
  8. I didn't have a problem taking my friends brother (14) into any headshops in NY.

    Just call ahead and ask.
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    That probably wont work, I've tried that with my brother and they won't sell to you if you have a minor with you. But if he LOOKS older, then they might only card you. (just make sure they don't see him telling you what to buy)

    If I were you, I would have him give you some cash. He goes in and checks things out, comes out, tells you what he wants (he could take pics if he is stealthy) and then you go in and buy it. Like Spaz said, fool proof.
  10. What's your location? Just tell your... brother... to go in and act cool. If he doesn't make it awkward it might end up just fine.
  11. pretty much.

    i bought numerous things from my local headshop when i was underage. as long as he doesn't look like a kid, plays it cool and is just chill he should be fine. if they card him, oh well, all that happens is he has to walk out and go home.
  12. Its totally cool if he picks it out and you bujy it as long as its not really obvious that it is in fact for him. Just say its your brother but only you will be buying and you have ID but he just doenst have his with him.
  13. All the headshops here sell to underage people.
  14. 87.2%.

    Seriously, are you really asking this question? What percent? It depends on the headshops in your area. Some people might not care- I know a dude who's like 16 who never has a problem buying glass from a headshop around here and they totally know he's underage, but another headshop kicked him out of that half of the store when he couldn't show ID.

    It just depends on who's running the headshop.
  15. If you buy for a minor, you're taking any fault from the owner and putting it on yourself. Some (not most, but some) owners will call the cops if you try to buy for a minor. If it was okay to do that, why can't they sell to minors?

    It's best to go in alone. And don't make the exchange right outside either.

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