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Discussion in 'General' started by JCrohn, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. In WA state is it illegal to say "bong" in a headshop? Or do we need to stick to water pipe? I've never said bong in one i've always said water pipe.

    also - can i say bubbler?

    Also, would it be bad etiquette to bring in a female stem and ask them to match a bowl piece to it (I dont want to chance spending $20 on a nice bowl just to have it not fit)
  2. if the female stem is 100% absolutely positively clean then you could bring it.

    But never NEVER EVER EVER say bong in a headshop, its not worth getting kivked out

  3. Not sure in WA, but in Texas every time I say bong they correct me with "water pipe" and I've taken my stem in there for them to match no problem.
  4. Bong are illegal so no. You will be kicked out for it. Stick to waterpipe where ever you go

    it's fine for you to bring it in as long as it is 100% clean. NO residue should be on it.
  5. Don't say bong.

    If its a glass-on-glass slide there are only two sizes, 14mm & 18mm, you should be able to tell the difference.
  6. I just play it safe in headshops and if I want to take a closer look at something, I just ask the person if I can "check out this orange and white piece here" and point to it. I'd just feel like too much of a douche saying "water pipe."

    As for matching a bowl to a stem, I'd make sure it's extra clean and I'd also go out of my way to ask them if it's okay before busting it out.

  7. One of my states larger headshops tried to sell me a bong with a 16mm joint size. I just gave the sales person a o_O face and walked out.
  8. No one said anything bout this but keif is pollen. So a keif catcher in the grinder is a pollen catcher.
  9. I'm a regular at my local shop so I can say what the fuck I want.

    That said I usually say water pipe, pollen catcher, ect.

  10. LOL what kind of uptight headshops do you guys have? Whenever I'm in a headshop I'm blazed and I'll happily say bong. Not had a problem so far!
  11. Yeah its not as extreme as they make it sound. Unless you're belligerent about it they're not going to throw you out.
  12. Yeah, unless you're friends with the people at the shop, I'd make sure to stay away from anything that would get you kicked out. One of the shops I frequent have a sign up behind their bongs reminding customers to not use the "b word." The other shop I go to, the guy doesn't care. He knows me alright though.
  13. My headshop doesnt give a fuck. They say right in the open "damn I bet you can really taste the weed thru the volcano vaporizer!" they also sell to anyone who wants to buy. sometimes i walk in there and theres a kid that is clearly not 18 looking all nervous trying to buy a piece
  14. I usually try to say water pipe, but there have been a few times i went in blazed and said bong, they didnt really care at all.

    Although i also had a 30min conversation with the guy about undercover cops so, idk maybe he just knows me

  15. I bet that shit don't last long.
  16. you can say bubbler.
  17. from my experience ive had no problem saying "bubbler", "steamroller", "grinder" diffuser, perc, ect.

    just stay away from anything nug related (say rolling papers instead of joint papers)

    and say water pipe instead of bong and just point to wut u want to look at

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