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  1. I was pondering, and thought "has anyone dumpster dove at a headshop?" i want to try and find some cool broken glass, or even just try to salvage some stems. Does anyone else have experience in this field?

  2. Maybe you could find some papers or something, but i dont think they throw out bongs or pipes that they dont sell. worth a shot though might find something cool.
  3. the local shop i go to just sells broken pieces at a serious discount if they're not irreversibly broken.  i'm sure anything you'd find in a dumpster would probably be smashed for the most part. also many shops know glass blowers who can fix broken glass so there's that.
    just doesn't seem worth it to me.  but feel free to try, you get lucky.
  4. A friend of mine that works at a head shop is instructed to "smash the glass pieces beyond repair or even usable" before he throws them in the trash. They do sell "chipped pieces" (glassware with small chips missing) at a discount price.
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    wow. shop owners are dicks. yeah, i went to one around 10 pm and found cardboard boxes and tons of broken glass at the bottom of the dumpster. damn. thanks for the replies guys
  6. They were open that late??

    Damn dude lucky

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    yeah the shops here in forth worth don't close until 11 or so

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