Heads vs. Feds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by SickCrab, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. just got done witnessing the great pot deabte between ex dea agent bob stutman, "the most well know narc in america", and high times editor steve hager. it was a great debate with pretty fair arguments from both sides, however i gotta give it to steve he did a excellent job at presenting his argument for legalization. he rallied quite a few of my fellow rutgers students an myself to get involved in advocacy, and i even made out with an autographed book of his. the more ppl to join the movement the better our chances of legalization!
  2. super narc debates stonerism. Why the fuck don't these people just give up and realize we are going to smoke the shit no matter what these guys say. Go after the fucking rapists and thieves and the rest of the criminals and just leave pot the fuck alone.

    Just another asshole retired narc telling me that pot is bad for me and getting a paycheck for it...fuck him.
  3. Did I sound angry ? :D
  4. Not as angry as you should sound. :)

    The arguments against legalization are so patently retarded, their logic so vapid and elusive, that prohibitionists must rely on convincing the most intellectually destitute people in the country.

    "Weed is bad, grrr!"

    "omgs! ur gunna protect us, rite lol?"

    "Of course, just leave it to the government. Leave everything to the government. We wouldn't do anything unless it was the right thing to do."

    "Whew lol, good thing mommy, i mean government, is here to let us suckle on her long stiff meaty crotch tit."
  5. leave it to the government i mean they always think in terms of the best interest of the ppl haha.

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