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  1. So I've been smoking for a few years now, and in the last few months I've been a daily toker for the most part.
    Lately every time I blaze, right after my first hit, I get this MONSTROUS headrush, regardless of what I'm doing or where I am. I was toking laying down last night and it still happened. It's kind of like getting SUPER SUPER SUPER HIGH for like thirty seconds, then going back to my sober state and continuing smoking as usual.
    It started happening a few months ago, never having happened before, and it hasn't stopped since. Every time I blaze I get this killer world-melting feeling :)smoking:) and then it just goes away and I'm good again.

    It's not that big of an inconvenience, but I guess I'm just curious to see if anyone else has experienced this.
    Thanks blades :cool:
  2. do you drink a lot of caffeine, cuz i have a friend that used to drink a lot of pepsi and after we would get done smoking he would stand up and get a headrush and nearly pass out everytime
  3. lol do you hold the hit in for 30 seconds
  4. I actually avoid caffeine like the plague haha I dunno why but I just hate the thought of ingesting the stuff.
    But yeah, I do kinda hold that shit in for a few years before I exhale :smoke:
    Force of habit
  5. then your probly not getting enough oxygen to your brain.... after about 5-8 seconds exhale cuz THC gets absorbed in about 6 so all your left with is smoke.
  6. Thats why, asphyxiation, lack of oxygen to the brain, it's dumb (no offense) and doesn't get you any higher, THC only needs a few seconds to be almost entirely absorbed, and it acidifies the blood with all the extra carbon dioxide and then your body has to process more blood to balance it out which kicks your heart up a little and then activates your sympathetic nervous system releasing adrenaline which is a one way ticket to sobriety, which is why you go back to being stone cold sober.

    And I made the last bit of that up, but you really shouldn't hold in your hits for more than a few seconds

    edit: lol at the same sequence of posters
  7. That's pretty obvious and I feel pretty dumb haha
    I don't try to hold it in so long though =P it's become subconscious because back when my friends and I had first started smoking we'd always compete to see who could hold their hit longer. Dumb? Sure, but super fun :D
  8. have you guys ever played baseball?
  9. Dude, this happens to me too especially if i caught bad, feels like i am flying through a tunnel really fast, I have learned to know when it is going to happen and enjoy the experience. I'm pretty sure this is the effect of the lack of oxygen getting to the brain. Same as if you were being chocked or otherwise deprived of oxygen.

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