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headies or mids?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by blazengamer, May 13, 2010.

  1. Is there a way to know the difference between the different gradess...
    My friend calls it low grade headies and I call it mids. Can anyone tell by eye what grade it is and even better what strain?

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  2. looks like decent quality to me. looks like the bud i have but with less hairs. my friend said my shit was premium. i paid 40$ 1/8th. going rate

    dont buy anything higher grade than regs from someone you dont know. chances are its not as good as advertised. plus if you know a grower you prob get mad discounts and are getting Premium.
  3. how much is that nug btw? it looks dense.
  4. looks like some brick mids from those pics.
  5. This.

    The bud pictured looks pretty nice, but the buds in the bag seem a little compressed and I can see a fully mature seed. It looks like the typical middies that roll around my area. It's still nice bud for the price. Generally $20/8th to no more than $120/oz in these parts.
  6. to me it looks like a REALLY NICE organic, the crystals in organic get rolled about and washed off an stuff. The weed may still be strong u jus have to BLAZE>>>>>>
  7. those are considered mids

    they are not bad mids but any means. they are decent-good mids.

    before i moved to a are where kids only fuck with kush, i would see that shit quite often.

    gets you mad stoned.

    going price in ontario. for that should be 40-50 for 7grams. 130-160 a ounce.
  8. if it aint frosted, leaves a taste of dankness that lingers for a few minutes so u can swish it around like a fine wine, and smells the house up triple bagged in the back of the house. its mids.
  9. OP, those look like some pretty decent mids. I can get bud like that for $40 a quarter here in New York. I like to buy the better bud though, so I don't usually pick up mids.
  10. Third this. Mids. hope you didnt pay more than 120/oz for em or you got beat.

    Lol. what the hell are you talking about guy??
  11. Looks like just some mids to be honest. From seeing the bottom of your bag in your 2nd picture, I see loose stems and quite a few seeds, looks kind of compressed, but not bricked. Either way toke it up brotha! :smoke:!
  12. looks pretty good

    $20-$25 would be a good deal I'd say for an eighth

  13. My buddy and I split half an o for 60 all together. so thats about the price range
    Smoked 3 bowls of it and I was gone... pretty good investment if i do say so myself. :smoking:
  14. Nobody can really tell you from a picture, and they can't EVER tell you what strain you have from just a picture. If I had to guess I'd say high mids or beasters. I'd smoke it.
  15. I can get bud like that for 60 an ounce. It's not the best but at the same time it's not the worst. If I am buying mids I usually just roll it up in blunts and chief away.

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