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Headies are healthy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by S0BE, May 13, 2010.

  1. I came to the conclusion that headies are healthier to smoke. Not is the sense of the chemicals you are inhaling, but how much smoke you are inhaling. Think about it.

    If it takes you 3 bowls by your self to get high of mids, and one bowl off headies thats obviously less smoke you inhale.

    Another thing. People who want to cut back smoking bud (NOT A TOLERANCE BREAK) should just smoke better shit. If your concerned that your lungs are taking a beating because of the countless bowls of mids each day, then heads should solve that. You get just as high, but your inhaling less smoke. Thus, you cut back, without cutting back, lol if that makes sense.

    And plus headies are just so much better. They smell, and taste way better, and hit soo much smoother. Plus less burnout.

    I was thinking about this today while i was hittin my bluedot, which is nice as shit by the way.

    Excuse me if this doesnt make too much sense, i came up with it when i was blazed, and im still buzzin now. :bongin:
  2. Yea man this is why I laugh at the propaganda out today "This is not your grandfathers weed! This is 20+ % THC Marijuana! This stuff WILL kill you!" (FOX News)

    Ummm ok? thats actually BETTER lol? Less smoke to satifsy you & it's a better high... likeeee who wouldnt agree?:hello:
  3. Hmm your probably right. Never really thought of that but it makes sense
  4. Dude yah, fox news is extremely Right winged. Its a very tainted source of info.
  5. headies really isnt the term you should be using..unless your specifically talking about sativas

    with your logic it would be better to smoke some of the popular high grades on the street, since you would get a much more diverse/enjoyable high than just some standard headies.
  6. Its pretty much already been said, but yes your pretty much completely right.

  7. I think about this ALOT and I always end up being too lazy and then forgetting to make a thread about it. lol. so you beat me to it. Good job! :smoking:
  8. To be completely honest. I don't remember the last time I smoked Mids. I don't really like the high anymore. Heads, Kush, Anything thats fire <3
  9. all about the money and location though. some people just cant get headies, it is what it is
  10. It's a good policy to always smoke the best available to you for that exact reason.
  11. Its hard as shit around here. even to finds mids. i just found 2 people i can get heads from finally.
  12. yea I agree. they taste better, look greener, and give you a better high with less. Probably not sprayed down as much either

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