Headie Bubbler!

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  1. Lemme know what you think. It's diffused too!

  2. sweet bubbler dude.
  3. That thing is sick, how much did it run ya? I've been thinking about getting a nice bubbler.
  4. Whoa! Very nice piece!

  5. Sick bub! How much did she run you?
  6. That's pretty sick, inspired me to go get one.
  7. thats pretty hot...
    How many bones?
  8. Nice bub :hello:

    But we all want to know.....How Much??? :confused:
  9. I think you should tell us how much it cost, and post more and bigger pictures! That piece looks beautiful.
  10. thats pretty sick.
  11. beautiful piece my man.
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    My friend bought it for 3 bills.
    I'm most likely going to buy it off of him for 215 or so.
    Do you think it's worth basically trading this bong for it:

    Two three arm tree percs with three slits in each. 2 feet tall
  13. I wouldnt. that bong looks like its worth more. Just my .02$
  14. The bubbler looks cool but I'd stick with the bong.... Cool looking glass<Big glass
  15. keep the bong. that bub is fuckin sweet though. buy it off him if you want it.
  16. Think I should buy an inline or a sweet bowl for the tube or is it just fine with the ashcatch in your opinion?
  17. What brand is that bong? I'd have to see them in person, but I'm pretty sure I would trade for that bub.
  18. Although the bub looks tempting, I'd have to say stick with the bong.
  19. nice heady

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