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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XSN, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. I havent smoked in exactly a week and ive been getting really harsh headaches the past couple days

    I was probably smoking about twice a day for a good two months and ive been having weed dreams (which are pretty cool :p) but these headaches are almost unbearable

    Is it from not smoking or something else?
  2. Yupp, it's from NOT smoking. That means toke up, by any means!
  3. I wish i could

    I gotta wait 13 more days before i can smoke again :(
  4. Ohh, lol, that sucks then. What's the wait for? Tolerance break?
  5. Yep...i usually break them about this time but im gonna stick with this one

    I hope
  6. Word... just think, it'll really pay off in the end. :smoking:
  7. I would say its because of something else partly. It is somewhat caused by not smoking weed, but i think its purely all in your head that you think you need to get high. Just realise you are stronger than that and you really dont "need" the weed, and its just all in your mind. This always seems to help me when im dry, or taking tolerance breaks, and i can quit freely with hardly no side affects, but one. I find i have trouble sleeping at night, but i have always had trouble getting to sleep, and greens is pretty much the only thing that ever helped. Remember, mj is purely mental addiction, and its simply that, that is causing headaches. If your having weed dreams, obviously you think about getting high constantly. Try exercising, or something to put your mind off of the marijuana subject. I hope this helps.. also maybe try some motrin or something to cure the headache thing. pz
  8. tonight is one of those nights.. no sleep at all...
  9. If i smoke shitty weed i'll get a headache.
  10. Yeah you got my support for the tolerance break. Because they pay off ten fold in the end :p

  11. When I started my last break (and all past breaks, for that matter) I got really bad headaches. Anytime you completely cut something out of your system, your body will react to it in some way or another. I got headaches when I cut caffeine out, too.
  12. why did u quit
  13. she's' having a baby.

    didn't you see the thread?

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