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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ItalianGymSocks, May 23, 2010.

  1. Thought i would post this here for the more experienced tokers. lately, i've been getting headaches after smoking. i contribute this to smoking mersh, but i do have a lot of dank available to me, just not enough money to buy it. i am thinking about picking up some og kush this week though! after a nice nap, my headache and burned out feeling go away, but is there anything i can do to cure the headache after smoking? or atleast make it not so bad. motrin and excedrin do not work for these headaches, but for other headaches they do. would caffeine pills work? because im going to go buy some at a grocery store today:smoke:
  2. Are you smoking stems or seeds???
    and caffeine pills & herb do NOT go together lol..
  3. There is nothing wrong with caffeine with cannabis, and it can help aspirin work far better to take care of headaches. I prefer to get mine from tea and/or coffee, but whatever. Just don't take more than one.

    A lot of mids/commercial will can give some people headaches if it was not flushed and cured properly, which most of the time it's not. Also, smoking too many stems or seeds, as Rastafari notes, can do it.

    Sometimes it's just that it's low quality herb.
  4. haha nope no stems and seeds for me. but the mersh i get is suppperrr kiefy and a lot of crystals and some red hairs
  5. Probably wasn't flushed right then. Flushing is when the grower makes sure there are no left over fertilizers left in the bud when it's picked.
  6. Yeah i'll take your word for it oldskool:hello: i wish i had more money so i could buy some dank. but i'll save up my money
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    ??? I would think since caffeine is a stimulant that affects the A1 & A2 receptors... and THC is a sedative that uses the CB1 & CB2 receptors... THC is an agonist and caffeine is an antagonist.... sooo dont they work oppositely??? Idk I'm half baked at the moment. :wave:
  8. Not really, other than the fact that you might not fall asleep as easily when smoking Indicas. They operate on different receptors and with vastly different mechanisms.

    Certainly if your goal is to be very laid back and mellow and maybe even go to sleep all stoned, then caffeine isn't good. If you have a headache or if you want to stay awake or get a boost of energy it certainly won't make you less high though, just less sleepy.

  9. Sooo you're implying that its a good mix with sativa??
  10. Depends. Might make you a bit manic if it's a pure Sativa. I think it's better used to counteract Indica sleepiness, but everyone is different.
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    ive never gotten a headache from smoking anything. i dont get why people say these things?

    if your smoking seeds and stems you deserve to get headaches haha. take the time to clean your buds.

    edit: i see what your saying osg, i guess ive been lucky with all the mids i have smoked. that or people make a bunch of bullshit up.

  12. Hmmm interesting... makes sense..
    Well, after all OSG does always know best :hello:

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