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Headache weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, Jun 4, 2002.

  1. Has anybody ever had this shit? You smoke it and a little later you get a headache. I blazed this supposed chronic with 2 other friends and we all got headaches.
  2. its ushwally just shitty weed. Like "SCHWAG" or ditch weed. i cant smoke more then a joint of that before i just fukit. or maybe its just a bad chemical in the pot? could be, ive smoked plants where chemicals make it tayste weird.
  3. maybe a pesticide or something...maybe it was laced. I've never had that kind of problem before though
  4. yeah, dude may be right... ive heard of assholes putting all sorts of wacky chem.s in there schwag to make u think ur high, but ive never got any of it...probly happens more ibn places where weed costs more, i pay 50$ for a good oz.
  5. headaches can happen when you're lacking oxygen, i wonder if there are certain types of weed that cause thicker smoke, and this is the cause? or maybe it's just a SHIT version of THC, or maybe it's the chemicals the weed was grown in, and schwag is grown with cheap fertilizers??

    just a few ideas but i don't know the real cause and i HATE this headache weed. i even had a chronic bud that did this to me once, it sucked ass. usually i use weed to REDUCE my headaches.
  6. Stronger, oilier skunk can have a knockout effect on you if your tolerance isn't high enough, especially if you dose it all out as you usually would in bongs... ;) I've said in the past though that hydroponic skunk can taste really nasty and give you headaches - full of chemicals if not done properly. Ouch...

  7. a lot of the time when i get headaches is because of those damn white seeds.... they can crumble when you break your shit up and theyre powdery and almost impossible to separate. a lot of stems can do the same thing to me too
  8. the seeds (all seeds) and the stems cause the headaches.
    make sure the weed is perfectly clean before smoking.
  9. ya man ive had that shit before
  10. ya man ive had that shit before
    just yesterday me and a friend smoked a couple bowls and i had the worst migrain
    that fuckin sucked
    its probaly just the weed

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