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head 4 head

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GiantGlen9090, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. so i let go of green small time for extra money and to pay for what I use. I sometimes sell to a girl and I guess lately it's not in her budget. she has offered another way to pay me, namely smoking my pole hahahaha, what would you do? take the bj and toss her a sack? are there other girls like this or is she just a freak??
  2. If she's decent looking sure why not. Pretty slutty though TBH
  3. lol the economy is bad people are having to find new jobs. I probably will let her do it.
  4. ethically? wrong.
    would i do it? hells yes! $60 bucks is pretty cheap for a bj...i think.

  5. all she wants 1/8.
  6. 1/8ths are $60. well i wont pay more than $60. but i also wouldnt suck a cock. if a girl told me to bang her for some weed id do that though.

  7. Haha, you better thats a double win. damn where I am 1/8 $30 buddy. 60 must be funkalicious!!
  8. I have never heard of a girl offering sex, even oral sex, for weed - but hey if she's serious then go for it.
  9. Fuck it, that sounds like a good deal.

  10. same here, I was like shut up and she said she would so I'm going to whip it out when she gets here in 20 minutes lol

  11. Well be sure to keep us posted. If she does a good job, give her a little extra weed in the bag.
  12. post a picture of her
  13. 60 is strd for heads. ive heard them going for 75 round here but if someone tells me they've got dank for 75 i tell them to go to hell.

    30 for mids, 45 for KB+.

    in any case a bj for 30 is a steal. unless u have to pay in another way...the herp isn't worth $30.

  14. Yeah Ima wear a rubber tho haha, it is a steal.

  15. I may but its gonna be her with muh dick in her mouth lol. she's a sexy lil thing too lol

  16. i dont understand why anyone would want a bj with a rubbe on o.0

    yeah dude wtf...

    id rather jerk it than get head with a condom :(
  17. this is just me thinking but, If she`s gonna suck your dick for some green, god knows what else she has sucked dick for, and who`s dick it was. thats too good to be true and if its too good to be true keep your dick put up or youll regret it when youve got a std.

    sorry but only a really nasty whore would suck dick for weed imho. but it is cheaper than dinner and a movie

  18. dont give her any weed. sell it at cost to her for the mouth hugs.
  19. hahah man go for it. Besides you will have a story to tell your friends. If it makes you feel weird that she is technically prostituting herself for drugs just tell yourself she is giving you head cause she likes you and you are giving her some free weed cause she gave such good head;)

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