He who has wisdom knows the rules

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  1. There are seemingly defnite rule wich govern our guide our experince at this realm
    I noticing such through evaluation of my experince
    Though these rule are seemingly other than conveyed to us upon our arrival at this realm
    AT least some of these rule seemingly can be comprehended - > I putting eavvaluation toward my experince to discover them

    unedited for surfaceness
  2. Buddhas don't follow precepts.
    Buddhas don't break precepts.

  3. That really is deeply profound to me. I may be missing the point but it seems like... buddhas are, to use another religion's term, living in the tao. as if buddhas, who have reached their inner nature, have escaped understandings of rules people have and just exist as they exist, not in a situation where they are breaking the idea of precepts, (now I'm having difficulty expressing my thoughts) but instead just living entirely separate, independent, from rules.

    So there isn't a denial of the idea of precepts, but rather an ultimate reality in which there are no precepts, but there isn't a lack of precepts either. It just is, without anything to do with precepts.

    I am sure this has been too confusing to follow, sorry.

    I really liked that quote.
  4. 76. The Stone Mind


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