He dead?

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  1. Is this little fella dead or is he still fighting and i should keep it? Ive tried 6 seeds till now and all successfully germinated but after I planted them on soil they dI'd not grow and when I went to throw them I saw that the roots were brown and shriveled up and moist so I think I overwatered them. This one I watered when I felt the soil dry. The stem is a greyish Brown and the dicotomes(faux leaves) are yellowish but you can see the true ones are very small inside them and green. Should I keep it? What does it have?

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  3. I think she dead bro
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  4. Your soil looks kinda muddy no perlite to be seen go buy you some happy frog to start seedlings in they dont need alot of water at seedling stage couple sprays with a spray bottle twice a day. Keep seeds covered with plastic wrap till they break the soil then remove.
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  5. I suggest Rapid Rooters or Jiffy Pellets - I have almost 100% success rate and no extra handling required. Almost everyday a new grower starts a thread indicating germination problems - just plant it and don't pre-germinate.
  6. I dunno the soak in a cup of room temp water seems to speed things along
  7. The best method is the one that works best for you. But all methods don't necessarily work for everyone.
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