HBG Harmonic Inline with 10-arm tree perc and GRAV Phoenix AC

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  1. New piece for a birthday present to myself. HBG harmonic (double jacket) inline with a 10 arm tree percolator built in. It stands right at 2 feet tall and although I do not know the thickness, the glass is of high quality. It's from an authorized HBG dealer, and you can tell that it's not a knockoff. It's got an 18mm female joint that is plugged with a GRAV Phoenix all glass stemless ashcatcher. It doesn't have as much filtration as a tree percolated ashcatcher, but I can just fill it with shredded ice and water and get a really cold hit.
    The silicone ponytail holders are so that the AC cannot twist and bang into the pipe. The harmonic seems to be reverse to me as well, as the inner holes are on top and the outer holes on bottom, but they all filter and it does not get dirty easily. Enjoy :smoke:

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  2. intimidating.
  3. It you want to really unleash that beast you should put a disk diffused slide or at least an ice pinch slide on it.
  4. Got a friend with a B. Wilson. He brings it over pretty often, so I just haven't bought one yet. My old bowl (a similar funnel to the one I have now but with an ice pinched bottom) dropped in the sink while I was cleaning it, and the ashcatcher had come with one, so that's what I use now. It doesn't bother me. I love funnels and there is plenty of airflow. Even if the bowl pulls through, it doesn't bother me, as I change the water every time anyways (the AC catches 90% of the ash as well).
    Thanks though
  5. Nice piece.

    The water on that top perc looks a little high. For my preference.

    But anyways killer piece
  6. Thanks for the compliment.
    It is high. It draws water down when you clear it. It will lower by about .5-.75in after about 2 seconds of smoking out of it. That's why I like pieces with built in percs to be on the bigger side. I find that the water usually levels itself out and doesn't move around as much as a smaller pipe with multiple levels.

    Plus I think it looks good with the water on an even level with the bottom of the black part of the tree perc :D
  7. I love the pheonix ac for that very purpose. Yeah I have no diffusion but shit I got crushed ice providing a much colder hit
  8. Nice mayne I got a jacketed inline to 6arm tree!! Rasta label, love it! Feel like an AC dosent balance well on it, you can check it out on me YouTube in meh sig

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