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  1. Seeds - Nirvana shiva and master kush (7 + 7) Seeds from a local shop and were not packaged with authentic seal. (£9.99 for 10)

    Grow aim - Establish & test new vegetative and flowing area so its ready for second grow with authentic seeds around the middle of October… One batch to flower from seed, and one from clone.

    Schedule - Plant 14 seeds Wednesday 14th July. Vegetate for one month (14th august) then take 2 clones from each plant and transfer donor plants to flowering chamber for 12x12. Put clones into vegetative area and aim for 12 females. The donor plants will flower for 8 weeks (14th October) and the clones vegetate for 8 weeks. (14th October) Upon harvesting the donor plants the clones will be divided into two batches of 6 for two different 12x12 cycles (day and night.) (14th October)
    14th October interesting authentic seeds to be planted. (Strain suggestions and seed banks suggestions welcome)
    14th December = harvest clones, take new clones from authentic seeds, and transfer authentic seeds into flowering chamber for a mid February harvest.

    Set-up - Being designed and produced as grow progresses…

    Initial vegetative area = Wardrobe about 17 x 27 inches x 2m high. In there is one 250W HPS and a 20-inch desk fan on full speed. The door is cranked open about 40 degrees and a sheet draped over the exit to dampen outgoing yellowness. The pots are placed 16inches from the lights and the temperature is a stable 30 degrees. Ideally I would like the tops to be 6-8 inch from the bulbs but temperatures prohibit this.

    After the first vegetative cycle I will be making a new vegetative area revolving around fluorescents.

    The flowering area will consist of two 250W HPS. + 6 x fluorescents.

    Both of the above will be completed during the following months.

    Progress thus far…

    Tuesday 13th July 12:10pm - 7 x shiva and 7 x master kush placed between moist kitchen towel and left on window sill until seeds show the first sign of a root.

    Thursday 15th July at 10am - 7 x shiva and 4 x master kush sprouted roots

    Friday 16th July 9:40am - All 14 sprouted roots. Transplanted into biobizz all mix soil. (10 in 2inch pots and four in 1inch- dictated by pot availability at B&Q)

    NOTE: This germination method was used to save space with dead pots and to make sure all the seeds are pointing the correct way in the soil.

    Sun 18th July (10:00am) 7 of the seeds fully sprouted and standing up, leafs not open yet. By 1:00pm 4 of the sprouts have shed their shell.

    NOTE: watering as the topsoil dries. (Every 6hours or so) – I shall increase the gaps between watering as the plants establish the roots over the next 2-3 days.

    Sunday July 18th 8:00pm 2 x shiva and 1 master kush have died, the roots didn't take a hold properly and have withered. Planted 3 haze seeds to compensate.
  2. hows it dave........just letting you now im whatching this thread....all the best jay
  3. Sounds like you have everything planned out. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  4. thanks.
    il do some pics when something interesting happens.

    2:00am 21/7/04 1 haze seed has sprouted its root.
    one was lost earlier when i spilled the pot.
    one seed left showing nothing at all.

    they all seem to be going to slow.
  5. looks like iv got 12 to play with.
    all progressing normally, if not a little slower than im used to. (or that may just be me wanting them to be bigger than they are.)
  6. ha, one i gave up on and left on the top shelf with no water for 2 days sprouted, and i only just noticed.

    13 to play with. good chance of getting the target 7 fems.
  7. Hello anyone who is watching.

    day 11, repot + some other things

    all are developing normally, no major issues, but a few minor things to type up.

    first off, the roots are now starting to appear at the bottom of the two inch pots. Im sure this is a bit quicker than usual and perhaps a result of exclusivley watering from the bottom, and keeping waterings to an absoulte minimum giving foliar feeding to topp up moisture levels whenever the plants get nearer the wilting point. I think its helped a lot, the soil is incredibley airy and the pots nearley weightless when the soil is completley dry. Im assuming less resistance to the roots is good... especialy at the start.

    The other things is the red stems thing... its accross the board which hints at a minor deficiency becuase no one strain is singled out, the shows more redness than the others, perhaps this is strain charachteristics, or this strain needs more of the deficient nutrient. Who knows.

    Im not going to add anything, iv seen it before, sometimes it goes away with age which suggests the required nutrient is present, the plant just cant access it becuase its roots arnt good enough. More guessing

    O, according to 'greg green' in the cannabis grow bible redstems =

    potassium page 76...

    lack of k can make your plant vaunarable to mould fung and wilt. K also assists in seed and stem development. Low levels of k make the plant brittle. red stems can be a sign of k problems but can also be genetic. equatorial strains have this charachteristic.
    O, it could also be the cold(but not in my case)

    i hope that helps some one... im sure the issue will crop up over & over.

    take it easy

  8. 15:15 july 26th
    largest masterkush

    shes about 1 1/2 inch high.
    those 1 finger leafs are just about 2 inches

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  9. the shiva are similar height wise, but the leafs are developing slower in size, and new growth at the top.

    the haze are taller already depite sprouting a good few days later than the rest.

    interesing to compair a more indica (mk)
    mix (shiva)
    and the sativa dominated haze.
  10. sup buddy! you know those stems are a genetic trait, dont even beat yourself over the head man! sounds like a tactical plan, have a good one!
  11. hey man.

    yeh, im sure it will be fine. I just wanted to note it.

    temperatures are difficult this time.

    sumer = an average ambient of about 25 deg c in my room.
    but the lack of airflow into and out of the room pushes another 5 deg C onto that after the light has been on for a while and on a hot day thats not good. it was 36 deg c the otherday.
    I cant see any around this other than wait till the seasons change.


    they all grew loads yesterday. I think its take off time :). i can see the five fingers on a couple of them now(albeit very small)

    Tight nodes 2 :)

    happy days

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  13. 12:00PM 28/7/04


    Those 3 fingers didnt exist 2days ago, and i can already see the next lot and make out that they are five fingers.
    NOTE: all the MK plants seem to be running away from the rest developing faster, and becoming larger in terms of all important leaf mass.

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  14. can we start a get bob a digicam campaign please. ??

    this is another MK dated above

    small person syndrome here... small pot, she only stands about an inch high and i already see the 7 fingers developing right in the middle of the, errrr, middle bit where new bits grow from.
    give her 3 days and they will b visible to the crapcam im sure

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  15. the shivas tend to stand a little taller, makes sence witht he sativa mixed in. leaf mas smaller, which again makes sence due to the sativa influence.

    im also geting a feling these are being a little sensitive to something and its hindering them. they just havnt seemed to fly along like the MK. and the leaf structure isnt progressing the same, we are talking 1-3-3 is visible at present. and thats not good.
    back in the day towards the end i was geting 1-3-7 or 1-5-7.

    there is a slight redish tint apearing on the new 3's and the leafs dont look quite so lush as they should.
    the leafs are bending down towards the soil.. . and thats never good. (NOTE: i hve not over watered)

    watering shedule is 1 x 24hrs for small pots 1 x 36 for the bigger 1's (about) (adjusting as necessary as developments continue)

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  16. again again again as them childrens blobs say.

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  17. this 1 looks more healthy in all respects.
    if not charachteristicley undeveloped compaired to the MK
    im undecided as to if the slow development is genetic, or its finding hard to get what it needs from the soil.

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  18. hAZE

    the haze germinated a few days behind, but even so they doom very under developed. i can see the 3's but they are not open at all yet

    depite this they stand as tall as the MK with about 1/4 the leaf mass.

    but i guess thats what it says on the tin when you buy an outdoor sativa and try and make it do inside.

    (i just wanted a set- the indica MK the shiva mix and haze sativa) spices, varaiaty, life.

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  19. those damn chickens again
  20. chcikens a popular word

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