Hawaiian skunk

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  1. Whats up people finally decided to start a grow journal.. Im working with hawaiian skunks from clones. And an afghan skunk seedling.

    Im using whitney farms organic potting soil.

    Getting fox farm nutes within the week.

    I had a beatiful mother plant in flowering that ended up dying (damn miracle gro >_< )

    All being vegged for 2 more days then being planted outdoors excluding the seedling. In a make shift set up using cfl's .

    Let me know what u think? Any tips on better nuted then fox farm?

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    Thanks man! You know of any quality nutes besides fox farm that are worth looking into?
  3. :update:

    My babies are doing very well. Newest clones are starting to take off as the 2 oldest are thriving!

    Ive been experimenting with topping. I topped the oldest and it developed 3 nice tops. I topped each of those 2 days ago so now it should have about 6-8 awesome lookin buds on top .

    Just dug my holes outside today. Bringing new soil and 3 plants out today and 3 more to a diff spot tomorrow.

    What is the best way to keep deer,rabbits, etc. away? I took a piss around my plot today hopin that would help a lil.

    Ant feedback would be much apreciated.

  4. Forgot pics ha

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  5. Stay away from using any fish meal or emulsions they attract too many animals. Use chicken wire around your plants. I would let them all get at least as tall as the 4th picture before putting out the more mature to start the better
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    Thanks for the input! Yea i didnt have a humidity dome when i cloned all of these so some took like 2 weeks to root. The tallest one was the first to root.

    Also i know someone that used mg nutes for vegging and mg bloom booster and had AMAZING results. Did he just get lucky and not burn all his plants to death? Haha
  7. hey dude nice skunk
    and yea im pretty sure chicken wire is a good way to keep animals away from it.

    I also heard mg is good if you make sure not to burn it.
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    Thanks bro! Im gona go with mg bloom booster on a few at 1/4 strength and some foxfarm on the others then flush 2 weeks before harvest
  9. sounds good
    is this your first grow?
  10. Its my second grow but firsr serious grow. Ive been topping alot this year. Im hopin to have around 30 plants outdoors this year.

    I have auto seeds on the way too. Im gonna stick those outside too. Should be a fun year lol
  11. rofl yea you're lucky that you can have 30 plants growing outside when mine is in a little tiny pc case lolol
  12. Lmao yea. Hopefully i can make it happen. But hey some people dont even get to grow at all.
  13. I saw one thread where one guy LST'd the whole plant to the ground outdoors making it completely horizontal and you could barely see it with the other random plants he was growing.

    idk if you care about stealth though.
  14. I might try to lst for my patio lol. Good call
  15. Update!!!

    I moved my babies out on my patio to get the nice (and free) sunlight! And they are looooving it!

    3 more days till I start the auto strains, along with purple haze, gigabud, and super skunk.

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  16. o yea get that sunlight :D
  17. looking good, man.
  18. Thank u. This is my first serious grow.. I cant wait to see how they do in the ground outside!!

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