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Hawaiian KONA GOLD

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Davy Jones, May 11, 2008.

  1. Just ordered some from HGS...sounds pretty sweet. First time ordering seeds, I guess we will see how it goes, having them shipped to the house I think...with a different name.
  2. your in for a treat
  3. man that shit will blow your mind they should rename it to ooooooooooooo weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. DJ:

    Where did you order the HGS from?

  5. I ordered the Kona Gold seeds from -


    In Canada, cool folks to deal with...
  6. I just recently recieved my Kona Gold, Purple Cindy, Big Blue, and Blue Widow.

    They got to my house 7 days from when HGS sent them.:hello:

    I'll race you to a smoke report.LOL
  7. LOL!!

    Give me a week head start & your on lol.

    Has there been a report on the Kona yet?
  8. No report Iv'e found. If you find one let me know. No head starts we start on the same day. Planing on germming them in a couple of weeks. You'll have yours by then. LOl
  9. sounds like a bomb strain, let us know how it grows.
  10. It's next on my list as well!!
  11. i need some kona right now kona and celestrial star mmmm sounds so goood
  12. Hey serg, did you have to sign for them when they came?
  13. No did not sign. Just surprised when I saw them in the mailbox. Early!!!!

    Acually only signed for seeds once .I figure it was the special delivery. Don't ask for special delivery .LOL
  14. Good choice of seedbanks .They have good products.Got me my beans in one day to the USA,I used the overnite delivey, well worth it for 35.00 extra.That is if you don't want to wait the extra days to get your beans.:smoking:
  15. IT an interesting strain as it yellow not green and that due to it origins in the high iron volcanic clay and it very old as I had access to back in 79 so I can say the it commanded top dollar and was well like by my friends and as nice mild smoke compare to others  but sadly I never gotten high for any of the pot I smoked back then but I am hoping medical laws will come to Florida as I suffer from chronic pain

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