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  1. I've tried to grow some clones now several times. I used rockwool along with olivia's root stuff, I also put the rock wool right in dirt thinking that would help and I am not getting the results that I think I should.

    I may get 1 or 2 living clones out of 8. Clearly I'm doing something wrong.

    One question, my mother plant flowered once and I trimmed it and kept it alive and is now the mother plant, could this be part of the problem since the plant flowered already?
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    I once did a side by side experiment with Olivia root stuff and Dutch Master root stuff. The Dutch Master did a lot lot better. I would switch to Dutch Master, and try again. Olivia's rooted 3 by the time Dutch Master's had 12 out of 12 rooted.

    Also are you using a humidity dome?
    Are you keeping some cfl light on it 24 hours a day?
    Are you keeping the clones warm?
    Did you use a brand new razor blade?
  3. I've tried several methods and none of them really take off, out of 20, I probably had 4 or 5 plants survive.

    I just read up in the FAQ and tried a new technique for the first time last night. I'll see how this one goes, this one calls for 24 hours of darkness to jumpstart the roots. The roots tend to grow in the dark so 24 hours of light is not good.

    I just plucked 4 last night, so I'll see how they go.
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    4 tray Heating Mat, Thermostat for mat to keep it at 72 degrees at rootzone, bottle of the purple cap root powder from Home Depot, Oasis cubes I would say the 1 1/4 inch x 1 1/4" , and 3 4ft floro tubes I soak the shit out of them with half teaspoon of Grow Big per gallon of water used, at this point I let the cubes retain the full water so I place oasis in tray so any excess water then runs out sits at the bottom of cubes as a buffer for the first 3-4 days. Continually check and when cubes are drying out, you can tell by weight around day 6-7 I resoak them, depending on how green they are I will either rewet with the 1/2 teaspoon per gallon Grow Big or just plain water. Then by the time they dry out again you should start seeing roots. 100% sucess rate is achieved with this method. The keys to this are depending on room conditions ofcourse.. So the keys are Heat Mat(@72), not letting oasis cubes get stay sloppy wet, letting them dry out but not completely(think of a brand new sponge light moisture not dry.) Day 6,7, or 8 rewet cubes one good soaking.
    Clones are rooted by 10-14 days, 100% sucess <--( everybody's rooms differ)

    Hope this helps, can clarify any Q's. Link to the Oasis Smithers Oasis Grower Products
  5. Well I don't know if your in the market to drop 50 bucks, but here's my advice. Drop all that other crap build yourself a cloner. Full with regular ph'd water. I've never had a clone die since switching to this method.
  6. Cloner is a very good plan, grab a fogger for 30 and a Rubbermaid tub for 6, I added a bunch of bubblers since they they were laying around.

    Also ensure:
    1. You use clonex or DM <--I know they work great, I'm sure there are others but I haven't tried them.

    2. Humidity dome /and or/ spray religiously.


    That last part helps ALOT

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