Having trouble wiring my lights to mains

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    Ok so I just bought a bunch of things for my grow. This isn't a proper grow it's more of an experiment to to pass time.
    I got - 
    1 x 35W CFL with 2285 lumens (B22 fitting)
    1 x 5m Twin & Earth cable (1.0mm sqaured) Max Rating : 230Volts 16amps
    1 x 13 amp heavy duty mains plug
    1 x light socket (which fits B22 CFL)
    I am stuggling to fit the wire onto the light socket. I know where neutral and live are meant to go (there is 2 connection plates) but there is a bare earth wire that has nowhere to go. Would it be safe just cutting this copper wire down and leaving it? Or is that a fire hazard? 
    This is what my wiring looks like - [​IMG]
    Any help is much appreciated

  2. UPDATE - Lighting works although I am still concerned about the lose bare earth wire in my lighting socket 
  3. Here in the US the bare wire is always the ground wire, the darker wire(usually black) is your current in and the lighter wire(usually white) is the neutral which in the fuse box, both ground wire and neutral go on the grounding strip and the dark(or black wire) get connected to the breaker, hope this helps.

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