having trouble getting some problems controlled on my plants

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    See below
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    So im kinda having a problem with my babys therr bout a month an half old i got yellowing on edges an black spots over most of the leaves on the plants all the bottom fan leaves have been severly damaged an fell off and lots of them have dropping leaves an purple steams

    I have a 4x8 tent
    2 600 watt hps
    I used ff happy frog soil
    Been watering with my tap which friends of mine that grew before said that was ok
    They started from clones no nutes added other thrn cal/mag cause i thought they had cal/mag problems an i have already transplanted thrm from 3 gallon buckets to 7 gallon buckets cause they were getting root bound

    Any advice would be great i really dont like this happy frog soil it is really acidic

    Also added garden lime to balace ph out cuz it was at 4.9
    ^^^^^ thats dont sound right, may be your problem.
    hard to believe they could be root bound at 6 weeks. Are you sure they are not just little plants sitting in too big of pot with root rot?
    Go to a nursery and look at the trees, you can buy a 6-7 footer in a 2 gallon pot.
  4. The roots were coming out the run off holes checked them when i transplanted they were nice and white i wanta say there bout 2 feet tall and i just put them on 12/12 light cycle, i did have them on 24 hours for veg
  5. Heres some pics

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    roots will come out the planters holes if the pots sit in a tray. that does not mean root bound.
    Putting trays down is a common mistake, root damage happens. If you put pots on a grate like a milk crate the roots will never come out,
    Just water right and the plants will bounce back, never let the pots sit in a wet spot, it encourages the roots to grow out of the pots.
    shit, they look great, you are fussing over nothing.
  8. Im trying to get better pics lot of yellow leaves with black spots

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  9. Leafs like these all thru i had to basically remove all the bottom fan leafs from serve damage they were barly holding on
  10. Pluck off some of those big fan leaves with some TLC and clean them puppies up they should be fine.
    by the way anytime you transplant you should use some type of transplanting agent like Super Thrive.
  11. Ooo ok didnt kno thanks ill make sure i get some off that but thst doesnt explain my yellowing

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