Having to move plants.

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  1. I live with my mom upstairs. The people upstairs (one of them) doesn't mind me growing but the other one doesn't like me doing anything, even washing my clothes.

    Anyways, before I leave to school, I have to move them into my mother's room and then back to mine after school to the next morning (this is starting tomorrow). Just for a few days until we can get the grow tent from storage and keep them in my mom's room.

    I was wondering if moving them back and forth for a day or two would shock them. Any advice? To
  2. No, that shouldn't be a problem.... as long as they are not flowering or if they are flowering and you are not moving them when they should be in their dark cycle you will be fine.
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  3. You know they are gonna start stinking up the whole house and then you aren't going to be able to hide anything.

    I had 2 smaller plants in my room and you could smell it walking up the driveway....
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  4. it's true they are going to smell a lot. if stealth is important make sure you are scrubbing the air and exhausting it.

  5. Smell doesn't matter, it just can't be in my room because I'm the one who gets picked on for some reason. I can't eat or wash my clothes without being bitched at, can't go out for a cigarette, or really do anything that makes noise or is visible.
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  6. Maybe she secretly wants you
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  7. Sounds like roommates, correct? Haters are everywhere just got to be cautious around them.

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  8. I am not super experienced here but I would say minimize jossling/sudden jerks and move them very gently and eloquently so the roots don't get tugged on and it's outside environment doesn't seem to be harmful in any way. Treat it like a newborn baby, very gentle, I know it sounds funny but I really think it makes a difference
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  9. I'm so confused about your situation ....

    You have to move your plants becuz people pick on you?

    You have to move them around so no one sees them? But it doesn't matter that the whole house stinks ?

    You can't eat in your room but you can grow marijuana in it?

  10. My mom and I can have plants, they just can't be in my room for some reason.
  11. Oh OK

    Now I understand.
    Should be no issue. Just don't tip one over or drop it .
  12. How the fuck does someone else have any idea of what room a plant is in?
  13. Maybe after you graduate high school you and your mom can move out the crappy situation. Until then don't piss anyone off that can potentially get you arrested. So I wouldn't grow anything.

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  14. Lolz. They probably dont want a teenager growing weed in there house but who does. I'm sure the judge would railroad the shit out of anyone living there condoning that. This is a big step backwards for decriminalization buddy. Please wait til your grown and on your own for all of us
  15. Yeah, I waited til I had a medical card and parents permission to start growing weed

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  16. Because they come in my room a destroy my shit.
  17. I have parent permission. I'm a fucking college student. The whole issue is that they just don't like me.
  18. By parents permission, I ment having the people around you being okay with the grow lol. Either wait to leave and grow or risk getting caught and ratted out

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  19. This doesn't sound like a good situation to grow. You're not thinking this through. It takes one person to tell and the police will be up your ass.

    OK now let's say they don't tell but they destroy your plants .... then guess what you're out of money you put into the plant and time....

    And my question is how are you going to grow this plant moving it inbetween rooms?

    You going to have lights set up in your room and your moms?

    What if it's the dark cycle? You can't be moving the plant if it's on its dark cycle...

    OK let's say you have the lights in your room and dark in your moms. How are you going to make sure it's put into the correct room at the correct times?

    There are so many issues with your plan and you are not thinking about it.

    And my question is are you the home owners or the renters?

    If your the home owner then Idk why there are fucking people going into your room? And if you are not the owner then you are dumb for even thinking this with your current situation.

    My advice find as friend who is willing to have them at their house and work with them if your that desperate. Or go guerilla
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  20. Moved them permanently to a room with a locked door.

    I already figured it out.

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