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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Digit, Oct 14, 2006.

  1. ...Something i didn't like and i wanted to help it, so it could become something i do like"

    things we didn't like... can you imagine how much more likeable our world becomes when we engage with it and help everything?

    how many more out there have this philosophy... is it not a requisit of survival for us?
  2. well i don't think it's a requisite of survival for us because 99.9% of us don't have that philosophy. however, i think it could be helpful in a lot of ways. for instance, a lot of people don't like george w. bush. do most of us have the philosophy to enlighten him, to change him, to manipulate his thinking, so that he is the best president he can be? that may very well be the best way for us to deal with the situation we have with our current president. also, i look at high school teachers, and i look at the difference between a good and a great teacher. a great teacher has that philosophy. a great teacher would give more positive attention to the troubled students. i'm not sure how many people will agree with me on this, but cannabis has helped partially instill that philosophy into me. when i first started getting high, i looked at things i didn't like, and my attitude was not to focus on the fact that i did not like them, but to try to make them right. i've smoked enough by now, so that I've allowed the attitude, philosophy, or whatever you want to call it, to stick with me. has anyone else had this experience with weed?
  3. I think we all have that philosophy...it's just a matter of listening...inaction is rampant for many reasons. There's psychology behind what u do...like when ppl see a car wreck...they don't stop. Probably not bc they don't want to help, but maybe bc they think somebody already is there, or maybe they don't want to be the first person there, or maybe they don't want to get involved bc it might interrupt their life somehow. This kind of thinking is very common.

  4. yes, many still have the philosophy of destroy that which i do not like. this becomes unpheasable after a certain level of development, power and capability. a better way is to be saught. i don't like that others do not yet realise that we cannot survive if we do not improve all and set others to this same endeavor, to be of best benefit for all. all that we meet, all that we do not meet. to have all be of highest, most ideal intent and action for all. its grand, its simple, it... inefably goes beyond that which i can graciously express, explain, convey.

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