Having Sex while High :D

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by stoney L, May 27, 2009.

  1. Ok so being high and doing anything is pretty much great right?
    I'd have to say that the best thing besides sex, is having sex while your high. :D
    Some of my greatest times have been when im under the influence,
    what do you think?
  2. Agreed. It makes it pretty intense, in my opinion.
  3. the best time is when youre gettin some mean ol head rollin up a blunt. finish rollin then its spark time and fuck time...

    simutaneously.. hah

    Now thats the shitt

  4. Damn. Straight.

    + rep
  5. I completely agree. I love having sex while high.
  6. has anyone ever had sex on acid?
    its like rollin just way more intense.

    its like a 9 hour kama sutra lesson :D
  7. you sound like a man-whore to me. But yeah, sex while high is awesome.
  8. actually i would say that the best thing besides getting high is sex............ ya i haven't smoked in months:(, but i get laid like every other day:hello::hello:
  9. Well, you should be proud.:p
  10. it should be the only way to fuck
  11. Agreed!
  12. This my friend's. is what one call's wisdom. follow this statement.
  13. to be honest i would much rather give up sex than drugs, i think thats about the gayest thing i have ever said.
  14. I agree with Stoney. I traveled to the Caribbean last summer for an adult sex vacations at charlisangels sex vacations. Then one of the nights I spent there, I was almost drunk, so I go up stairs to my suit, later I had one of my greatest times with some beautiful European and Russian escorts that night.
  15. Sex while high is the best. However, as mentioned before...receiving head is the best part since you get to kick back and bust a load in her mouth :)
  16. see if my man was rolling a blunt while I was giving head I would be pissed, save that shit for after :)

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