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Having sex on shrooms?!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by ambiguousmind, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. hello : )
    i had a few questions involving shrooms, and sex, combined :D

    so tomorrow i will be picking up an 1/8 of shrooms and splitting it in half with my girlfriend. i've never done them before, heard many stories, good and bad, but overall i'm really excited to try them, and i'm looking forward to having a great trip : ) i haven't heard much about having sex on shrooms, but have any of you tried, and accomplished it? how was it, could you focus on the sex? :ey:

    ALSO i was wondering if i should/shouldn't smoke a couple bowls during the trip? should i smoke before the trip, after, during? i've heard that sometimes smoking will intensify the trip, and i've also heard that it can ruin your trip or be a "waste" of bud.

    as far as my drug history, i've experimented with salvia, ecstasy, tripple c's and of course weed. i am a habitual pot smoker, so that being said, will smoking during my trip help or worsen it?

    if any of you have any other tips/advice, enlighten me please
    thank you! : D !

  2. Smoke while on shrooms it's the worlds greatest enhancer imo.
    Never fucked on them though. Can't say much but I'm going with it'll either be REALLY GOOD or you won't be able to focus on it
  3. i wouldnt smoke if your tryin to fuck cause it makes you lazy as shit and you dont even want to move but you can try
  4. I don't think I would be able to have sex on shrooms
  5. I get super speedy while on shrooms and have a lot of fun just being silly. I guess after coming down a bit it would be cool to smoke up and have sex, but I just like to enjoy the ride while it lasts.
  6. lol i bet it'll be funnn
  7. Smoking is a must on shrooms, it brings good vibes and calms any nausea mushrooms might bring on. Sex is great on mushrooms; just kick back and enjoy it for a while, but smoke a bowl and do it later, it's wonderful.
  8. smoking is a definite must on shrooms, it makes u more relaxed and increases the 'trippiness'.

    as far as sex... i've heard people say they like it on shrooms, but in my experience it can be a little too much of an invovled activity for tripping. i didnt really like it, just my opinion.

    one of the best things i ever did on shrooms with my girl is throw all our pillows and blankets in a big pile on the floor, put on some laid back tunes, pack a bowl then just chill in the pile of nice warm blankets. we both got under the covers and talked about the colors we saw (on a white blanket!!!)

    that was epic, and totally a great bonding experience for a couple. enjoy man!!!

  9. That would be my experience
  10. I've never thought it was all that great. Last time was in a tent at a festival, and it got so hot in the tent that condensation was forming on the walls and top of the tent and combining with the sweat dripping on me from my boyfriend, grossed me out SO bad... it was horrific on mushrooms :laughing:
  11. SWIM always smokes a bowl after he eats his shroomies. He can't even imagine having sex on them though, he's in his own world when he's on them and sex is the last thing on his mind. SWIM also recommends lots of tasty orange juice. Enjoy your trip, friend.
  12. smoke as much as possible, its wonderful

    things can get very confusing when shrooming
    so if your not completely comfortable with your girl
    things might get awkward
    like someone else had mentioned about the sweat

    ive had it get weird on me, but ive also had it go just fine.

    i recommend for your trip
    orange juice
  13. this is how i imagine myself having sex on shrooms: i start doing it and then start giggling. then i zone out and forget my dick is in this girl in front of me, and i would probably puke all over her because mushrooms make me puke if i move a lot.

  14. rofl
    do it.

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