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Having kids

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GreenDazed42, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. Well, I plan on becoming a father in the future, but I have a question. Does constant smoking of MJ effect sperm? Like, as a long term effect. Because I don't want to have slower kids because of my smoking :p. I don't think it does anything to your sperm, but I was just wondering if anyone had better insight of the subject.
  2. u know i wish i could help ya out but i can't. i have no proof but i doubt pot would do anything to u. if the mother is prego and is smokin it, problems can arise from that. nice to hear people are cautious......
  3. simply put, whether or not your sperm is effected by marijuana your sperm isn't going to make you have slow kids. If your sperm is effected somehow in all likelyness you'll have a lower sperm count which would just make it harder to impregnate a woman, not make your kids need to wear special helmets. I would suggest against a woman smoking while pregnant however, but only bcause there's no way to tell if it will do anything to the baby.

    ps there's no conclusive proof that marijuana does anything to any elemant of the reproductive system, male or female. usually when you hear stuff like that it's just more good 'ol reefer madnes/propaganda
  4. nope, mines hyperactive!...child and sperm!
    good luck.
  5. I actually was advised by my physician to smoke mj while pregnant because I got so sick I was losing weight instead of gaining....there are no proven side effects of smokin while pregnant...

    My husband and I have 5 kids between us....

    they are all very intelligent....

    and very happy...

    and extremely healthy....

    and their dad is a daily (usually allllll day) toker
  6. Reefer Madness is hilarious, got it on DVD! Thanks for the info guys, it's reassuring :).
  7. Here is a synopsis of a recent study done by the University of Buffalo:

    A recent study, conducted at the University of Buffalo in New York in 1998, reports that marijuana affects sperm function by compromising its ability to get to and fertilize the egg. The study attributes the cause to cannabinoids (compounds found in marijuana). These cannabinoids are similar to natural body substances called anandamides. University scientists believe that anandamides function in helping sperm get to and fertilize the egg. It is believed that marijuana cannabinoids are chemically similar to anandamides. Receptors meant to respond to anadamines may also respond to cannabinoids. By responding to the wrong body substance successful fertilizing of the egg may not occur.

    It does not mention anything about having slower kids... However I'm sure having an active father is probably the best way to keep kids smart and intelligent! :)

    peace and happy tokin'
  8. i also seem to have had no probs with the spermies....
    AND tho ive never mentioned it there are studies that say that smoking in pregnancy will help with nausia and weight gain. it was quite a while ago i was interested in the subject and cant recall any real medical information against smoking mj while pregnant. although i do not recomend it.(you KNOW i HAD to ad that ;) )
  9. I agree with you, if it is not really neccesary for you to smoke during pregnancy you shouldn't do it (at least not as often ya know? even pregnant women occasionally have a glass of wine or a beer....they just don't get shitfaced!)

    I was already thin before I got pregnant and I had surgery 6 months before I got pregnant and hadnt built myself back up.... I was losing weight and that's just not good.... so I smoked a hit or two about 15 minutes before I planned to eat and more runnin to the bathroom to pray to the porcelain god...and my doctor supported me doing this instead of taking anti nausea medication which the list of side effects for is as long as my least mj is an herb, not a little pill with lots of chemicals in tell me which one is likely to cause more damage to a fetus?

    And we've got 4 other kids...and they are all very bright and do well in school....our 2 month old has already doubled his birth weight and is a husky lil dude!

    Ok, I'm rambling...that's what I get for wakin and bakin...

    Edit: I did not smoke while pregnant with my daughter, I didn't need to, wasn't sick! My second pregnancy I had hyperemesis gravida... it's a rare condition that affects like 1 in 10,000 - it's severe nausea and vomitting during pregnancy, not like morning sickness...

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