having horrible caffeine withdrawl

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    I starting playing WoW again and le'ts just say I went from smoking at 10 and going to bed at 11 and getting 9 hours of sleep a day, to drinking 2 or 3 amp energy drinks a day (mostly having 4 or 5 though) and sleeping mabey 4 hours a day (but it was just dosing while auto running)

    I chose to stop drinking energy drinks after I drank one right after waking up and puked out all the amp and some bile (amp and bile tastes horrible). I also made this decision because I ended up not eating anything solid (unless I was somewhere with friends which was like once every 2 or 3 days.)

    I woke up today after not drinking anything with caffeine for 2 days and I sweat I woke up high. My body is completley wrecked and I felt horribly sick trying to eat anything. Im glad I never got addicted to anything else cause this sucks ass.
  2. this is not good. Energy drinks aren't good to begin with, but basically going on an energy drink binge is not a good idea. You need to eat, man.

    atleast limit yourself to one drink a day.. but make sure you eat the right shit. Ex: grains, fruits, and meats. It's clockwork.
  3. Here's the deal, stop playing video games - they are pointless, waste your life, basically distracts you from life. Energy drinks are bad to begin with like said above, obviously not a smart choice to use them for energy anyways. Your lifestyle sucks. If you don't want to be addicted to things then stop playing that damn game, it's addicting aswell. I played runescape for like 4 years, worst 4 years of my life now that i recall on them.

  4. i dont think thats neccesary.. its called self control, man
  5. If you're having caffeine withdrawals, I would suggest you never try any real drugs.
  6. Nah, video games in all honestly are a waste of life.

  7. Then essentially, using any form of electronic media device is a waste of life. We're blogging on GC, wasting our lives. Watching a movie is a waste of life. Listening to music is a waste of life.


    And OP, turn WoW off. That game is nuts. You need to start sleeping, stop drinking the energy drinks, and heck, maybe go to the gym and eat a proper diet. You're wasting away, and it's entirely preventable.
  8. Thank god the first energy drink I ever tried tasted like pine needles and piss or I might be part of that group that brags about drinking 6 energy drinks 2 energy shots and 3 coffees every day.
  9. GC is helpful - increases your knowledge on drug usage so you don't do dumb shit.
    watching a movie increases your knowledge on human reactions and retrospects on life - if you are watching the right ones.
    Music is not a waste of time in any way shape or form. no need for explanation.
    texting = waste of life
    video games = waste of life
    t.v.[besides like the history channel and certain programs]= waste of life.
    most movies = waste of life.

    All I'm saying is that video games are completly unnecessary in a persons life.

  10. All I'm saying is if I don't do it, it's a waste of life.
  11. are you attempting to state everything's a waste of life, because I sure hope not.

  12. I wasn't, but it is. Your opinion of what is a waste of time is no more valid then anyone else's.

    Are you saying that the universal goal of life is to learn about things that you consider important, and to spend your time doing anything else would just be wasting hours of your life.


    If I like playing video games, there's no reason I shouldn't play them.
  13. lol yea I know WoW is terrible and addicting and Im gonna stop playing. It's just that I now have a lot of downtime and WoW was so easy to turn back too.

    to the poster that said dont do real drugs if you're addicted to caffeine. It's not the addiction thats getting to me its just the lack of massive amounts of caffeine and sugar. What does that have to do with hard drugs? Besides hard drugs are for losers (cocaine, heroic, etc.)
  14. Okay bro, 4 energy drinks a day is just stupid. You know that now, so just move on.

    I play wow, but maybe once every couple days for a couple hours, i have one char. he's lvl 35. Is it a waste of time? Hell ya! But sometimes there are a lot of things (like smoking weed) i consider a waste of my time. But that's life, and your going to have to do things you don't wanna do just because there's nothin else to do. We are very limited on what we can and can't do nowadays, i'm living paycheck to paycheck currently.

    Moral of the story is, don't do what you know what's wrong.

  15. Why does every second of your life have to be productive? If he is happy, what difference does it make if he is wasting his life? People need to wind down every once in a while, what is wrong with playing video games to achieve this?
  16. You should drink hot tea instead of amp, it still wakes you up and it isnt terrible for you.

  17. There's your problem.
  18. Wow man, that sucks. I was once into having an energy drink while playing some Halo or something but I stopped buying them. IMO they are a waste of money, I drink them only if I get them free or something.

    I can tell you how much caffiene I consume a day. On weekdays, I take half a no-doz (100 mg) to wake up in the morning for my job, which starts at 7:30. That's all I really need. Any tiredness that I had that was postponed by the no-doz is offset by the energy that I have in the afternoon. Any more caffiene I have is probably just from drinking a can o coke after I get home, that's nothing, like 35mg.

    No-doz or generic caffiene pills are the cheapest way to get caffiene. You can get a 60 tab (200 mg each) for around $10. That's 16 cents a pill, and for me only 8 cents because I break them in half. Plus I don't have to worry about making coffee or whatever. Convienient, always the same dose and cheap as dirt.
  19. It is. It is the best possible way for you to find yourself, find who/what you want to be, what/or what not you want to conform to, basically understand the world just that little-bit better.
    The universal goal is to learn, and if your learning I sure hope that most of the stuff you learn about is stuff you enjoy - otherwise it makes learning seem unenjoyable. I would much rather read a book or write something or draw or hangout with friends then play a video game that is time consumer and leading me nowhere in life. It's just a big waste of time, and I find it funny how your fighting me on this, I know I'm correct. What are the pro's and con's to playing video games?

    you sit at home all day on your ass
    looking at a computer screen all day
    not socializing with people in real life[dependable]
  20. So are heroin, crack/cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes and meth.

    Its all based on the users mind and chemical structure the way he reacts to drugs/life.

    Right now the user shows an addictive personality - leading to a bad route if he ever does try any of those drugs[exception for alchohol and cigs, albeit] also leading to a bad route in video games. I think this only because I am a "video-game veteran" and I don't want to see other people waste their life on that dumb bullshit. I mean xbox or WoW is alright some times like the OP said, he has alot of downtime - still it needs to be regulated with something else aswell.

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