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Having fun while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pot4fun, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. #1 Pot4fun, Feb 7, 2014
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    anyone have any fun ideas of things to do while high or while smoking? i have to say, my normal routine is getting a little stale.......smoke -> music -> adult swim lol. i miss those days where every joint was an adventure in my head :hippie: too bad that's gone.

  2. You gotta make your own fun, brah. Pretty much anything you enjoy doing normally will be even more enjoyable when you're high. Personally, sitting and watching TV / surfing the web is like my least favorite thing to do when I'm baked. That shit just makes you stagnate. I like doing shit that will keep me, like, stimulated and thinking so I don't just zone out on the couch. Rapid brainstorming GO
    Go for a walk in the woods, ride a bike, build a pillow fort, fly a kite, go swimming somewhere, build a house out of marshmallows and toothpicks,  start a garden, do a puzzle, hold a solo dance party.
    That's just off the top 'o' me dome! There's all sorts of creative shit to do if you use your noodle, amigo. Why would you ever wanna sit and watch adult swim?
  3. Build things, make cool food creations, sometimes just talking with friends is the most fun things ever too
  4. As stupid as it is

    Cruising a j or blunt can be quite the experience if it's not a normal thing for you
  5. When it's not as cold as a witch's tits outside, go adventuring. Nature can give you a huge thrill
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    miss those days too i remember so many of those days vividly in my memory and its depressing knowing they will never be the same again.
    things i end up doing by myself smoke up put in some tunes an some awesome music an go for a walk take roads and alleys ive never taken before. 2 take a few bong rips open my bedroom window for a nice breeze sit next to it and get lost in the rays of sunlight coming through (with music of course). got stale to me but maybe a new experience for you.
    things i do with friends. get baked, bullshit for awhile then go hiking or camping alot really/ roll a j or blunt an go for a drive in the country with friends or by yourself pack a lunch find a cool place to stop an eat

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