Having A Few Drinks

Discussion in 'General' started by Spunch, Jun 19, 2013.

  1. If anyone here ever had a drink or two, do you notice that you just become careless? There is not much of a good feeling to it, it just feels like you have alzheimers and you are confident. Weed actually makes you feel good, you can actually feel it. 
    Plus music sounds no better when drinking.

  2. Dude drinking is awesome.
    some of us like lowered inhibitions/ judgement from time to time, I'm way to safe and sane sober.
  3. what do you enjoy about it? The confidence? I guess i did not drink enough to feel a buzz.
  4. I only like to drink when I am shy around strangers. I'm a bit more social on the alcohol. When I smoke around strangers, I become a wallflower.
  5. The not giving a fuck, maybe its confidence.  But K'm usually pretty self consicence.  Drinking rum and coke (dr. Pepper now bad mistake) tanning on my roof, and blasting R n B. Pretty bitchin good time i say
  6. 117 days sober
    wish i could say the same for pot

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