Haven't seen anything for legalization and labor laws right?

Discussion in 'General' started by basshead62887, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. I am sure of the answer but if it becomes legal in the us i am truley waiting to hear the labor law re-write that this is gonna take. I can't wait i wanna beable to go somewhere on vaca and just get it or smoke it without hiding somewhere. All i know is i just wanna see the labor laws change when it does become leglal. What do you think? Btw should i grab the herb iron or is it a waste?
  2. It's always alittle fun when you're smoking somewhere while trying to hide it, such a adrenaline rush :D
  3. True but its a bitch when ur skiing....lol and i wanna be like...ted lets go have a beer and a joint after work...while i'm at work or sgow poctures of my nice bong.
  4. I'm sure when it's legal employers will still be able to deny you employment if you test positive. Just like if you have a certain amount of alcohol in your system. I don't see that ever changing even if it is legalized.
  5. Yeah but then the argument comea out well i can drink and have a job or smoke cigs why not this. Now on a state level this wont matter. Federally legal now it becomes the argument i was saying abd most likely alot of court dealings im sure.
  6. Well ciggs don't alter your mind or intoxicate you. And you can't drink at work and can't get employment if you have a certain amount in your system on a constant basis.

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