haven't been able to find bud in 3 weeks

Discussion in 'General' started by warpigtype-s, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. i'm stuck going to school in south arkansas and i have been searching all day everyday for bud and can't find any wtf. i've asked just about anyone that even looks like they would possible smoke or know someone who would from my college and havent found anything. i've tried hanging out at gas stations and waiting for somone to come in and buy wraps or something and still nothing. this is leterally unbelievable i'm going crazy over here
  2. dayum... Thats 3 weeks too long man...

    You should hit up the local bar that a bunch of college kids go to and casually bring up bud.. Like, damn I could smoke a blunt right now.

    The reason you probably haven't gotten any hookups is because your most likely asking straight up if they can sell you bud.... Shit, I'd say naw I don't smoke weed if somebody did that to me.

    Just my advice. Good luck homie
  3. i forgot arkansas even existed :eek:

  4. that was my last resort trying to get bud like that, last semester there were like 3 people that had bud but they all dropped out or transferred. and there's no bars close by its a dry county. this is the most backwards place ever. the next time i find anyone w/ bud i'm buying as much as i can.
  5. i've been real stressed out lately too and i need bud to calm me the fuck down.
  6. Man that sucks hard! I've been out of weed for 2 days and i feel like i'm doing bad.

    3 weeks, fuck man.

    Im having shitty luck with dealers too though, i tried to cop an 1/8th today, but my dealer who lives right near me was dry, and i didn't feel like driving across town to my other dealer to pick up an 1/8th.
  7. i would go just about any where for some bud right now. damn it just legalize weed already so i can get it from a store. i wouldn't even care if i got ripped off or got shitty ass bud right now i just want something.
  8. sux bro...i been baked ouuta my mind for about a month now....straight kill too

    you should find the nearest headshop to campus, and hang out till you find some one that fits the profile, know what i mean?
  9. 3 weeks no buddha. shittttty broo. damn i couldnt imagine not having herb. i live in california so i was able to get a med license. theres like a medical clinic in everywhere. danks. i feel bad bro.
  10. i'm so jealous man, i'm live in sofla i'm just here for school, i've never had to wait more than a couple hours at most before in my life

  11. not funny:(
  12. i wouldnt chill near a headshop, but go to a NORML meeting or something. attend the meeting, make friends with someone, be like "want to smoke bowls later? i can pitch 20" and then get their dealers number

    deal done

  13. there are no headshops anywhere near here. what is NORML?

  14. National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

    I think:D
  15. yea i doubt there are gonna be any around here. i wish tho and i'll def be looking into that
  16. i'll smoke the fattest blunt ever w/ whoever finds me bud lol

  17. Haha i feel ya dude, this is day 3 without bud for me.

    I swear to god me and my friends spent 2 hours trying to find bud today, tried 6 different dealers, had friends call up like 4 others, no dice.

    I asked literally every stoner friend i know, i even dropped by my old high school where some of my friends are still going. Nobody has ANY bud whatsoever.

    Its as if the fates want it to be a smoke free day in my area. Nobody got high today:mad:

    What a shame
  18. UPDATE: tomorrow will make it 4 weeks, i spent 3 hours today going to places i thought people that smoke weed might be at and may have found someone that can get me bud tomorrow. wish me luck GC!!! it seems like i really need it right now.

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