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Have you tried vaporizing leaves

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thereeferist, Jul 22, 2017.

  1. I always give my fan leaves and trim to a friend of mine, who usually makes some killer edibles out of them, but today I was over at his house watching the Red Sox game and we decided to get high but I didn't have any bud on me and he didn't have any on hand and all he had were some fan leaves and he suggested we just vape on them instead of me going all the way across town and back just to grab some bud. I was hesitant to try them as I have smoked fan leaves a few times when I lived back in Iowa and didn't have any bud and while I did catch a slight buzz they tasted like total ass and the buzz wasn't all that great. But as Chris Sale was on the mound I didn't want to miss any of the game decided fuck it I'll try the leaves out. To my surprise the leaves didn't taste too bad, unlike smoking them and I caught a much better buzz than I remember from smoking them like I did 25 years ago back in my high school days.
    Obviously the leaves don't taste as good as buds and the high isn't quite the same either, but I have a whole new respect for fan leaves after tonight. I will still stick to vaping buds and kief, but if you have some fan leaves laying around from a grow I suggest packing up your vaporizer with them to give them a try. i think you will be pleasantly surprised, I know I was. It is about 100 times better than smoking leaves, IMO.
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  2. It's nice of you to give away your trim and fan leaves. I recently found some at the dump and got 38gms of wax from it.
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  3. It isn't really worth my time to fuck with the fan leaves and trim, if I want more smoke I just grow more plants. I have no reason to fuck with leaves.
  4. Why the attitude? You're the one who was saying leaves are nice to vape
  5. What attitude are you talking about, I'm just telling you why I give the fan leaves and trim away. If this angers you I don't understand why.
  6. I wasn't angered, I was confused. Look, I think I misread or something, sorry. I may have overdone the tincture dose this afternoon, I made a new batch.
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  7. Definitely will keep that in mind. Probably stick with edibles but cool to know that's even a thing.
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  8. It is nowhere near as good as vaping on buds or kief, but I was pleasantly surprised that I did in fact get a pretty decent buzz and it tasted 1000 times better than smoking fan leaves. I never make edibles myself, but I do eat some edibles my buddy makes with the fan leaves from my plants.
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  9. I love your avatar dude.
  10. I like your username ;)

    Was either this or a Grassy V for vendetta. Ironically I just saw that yday on here. Feel like Yoda captures my vibe a little more though lol.
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