have you sucessfully grown using bubbleponics?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Ceritifed420, May 15, 2010.

  1. :smoking:hows it going grass city im trying to find someone who has had a sucessful grow using a homemade bubbleponic systems howd it go how big was ur harvest how tall were the plants did u top or fim or tie down? pics?
  2. my first grow was a homemade bubbleponics system made out of a rubbermaid tub... my icon is a pic of the roots for just 2 plants. There were amazing. Didnt top them, just trimmed the bottoms a bit. Like I said, it was my first grow, so I just wanted to see them go. And boy did they! I ran out of vertical space and ended up finishing them off with fluorescents because they were too close to my light:)
    Tried a couple different grow methods but I am loving the flood and drain. Less water (and nutes) for the same amount of plants and I get really great drainage. After flushing everything comes out very clean, so build up at all. The flood & drain has been the cleanest for me so far, but the bubbleponics comes in 2nd.

  3. thanks for the input do you remember how big the yeild was?
  4. 5 gallon buckets...I pull about 2oz a plant, this last grow I get 3oz off of one plant. I scrogged.
  5. Hey ceritifed420, On my second grow now using a bubbleponics system. As far as im concerned its the way to go. My last grow was 1 White Castle and 1 blackjack i pulled 4 1/2 oz. from the white castle and just under 2 oz's from the blackjack. Growing in a DR-60 tent"Ya very small 2*2*5 1/2 feet" So its tight in there, With more room i could have pulled more weight. Used and still using a MH/HPS Conversion light, Its an enclosed ballast so i modified the hood to be air cooled and it works very well. As of now i have 3 Bubbelicious going now just started the 8th week of flowering so well see what i pull from this one. Anyway keep on keepin on with the system your using you will NOT be disappointed. If you would like to see picks of the grow just lemme know and ill post them. I dont want to post pics on someone elses thread unless i have permission. Best of luck Buddy!!!:hello:
  6. What are the benefits of bubbleponics compared to soil? do plants and buds grow bigger?

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