Have you heard about the proposed Pot Heaven in Florida?

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  1. James McLynas is running for sheriff of Pinellas County in Florida. His ideas are so new, so different. Overall I like this platform, but specifically on his approach to pot.
    Responsively End the War on Drugs | McLynas For Sheriff

    I personally had no idea of what a Sheriff did, but seems there is only one Sheriff per county and they have jurisdiction on the WHOLE county. Sheriff is in control of the county jail.

    If McLynas wins, he says he will immediately order his deputies to stop ALL CANNABIS laws enforcement. Then he would inform the rest of the Police Departments in the county that he will no longer house/detain any inmate that has any cannabis related charges. If PDs want to keep enforcing cannabis laws, they would have to figure out how/where to jail their suspects.

    He is not interested in legalization, and has good reasons as to why. He would love Pinellas County to get nationwide notoriety for being an extremely pot friendly destination, one in which you can sit on the sandy beach smoking a joint while watching the sunset without fear of being arrested or fined. With legalization comes all this regulation, which basically makes sure only a few people can take advantage of the revenues generated by the pot industry. By just not enforcing, they don't get direct tax dollars in the sale of weed, but the county would truly benefit since many more tourist would come to the area to spend their money. This way EVERYONE in Pinellas county would benefit from cannabis, not just the select few with connections and money that are the ones that are able to get the growers licenses.

    What he is proposing is a TRUE zero cannabis laws enforcement. You can have a joint, an oz, a pound or even a whole truck load, his deputies won't investigate or arrest. If the local bakery decides to put up a container with fresh buds for sale, go at it! If private citizens want to grow, share and sell pot between them, no problem.

    I am basically looking to touch base with pot smokers in Pinellas county to encourage them to register to vote, then actually take the time to vote! Mr McLynas has an excellent platform, but just his views on pot got my attention.

    As you can imagine local main stream media is backing the current Sheriff, so they are not giving McLynas much time. His proposals are definitely news worthy, yet he is being forced to spread the word online.

    Keep this post alive by replying to it, and then take the time to reach out to friends and relatives that might live in Fl and ask them to look into James McLynas
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  2. Hell it so i may just move back to Fl. Lol

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  3. Seems chill as fuck. Should you even put the joint out when you get pulled over.
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  4. LOL Apparently not. In one of the interviews he mentioned that if the smoking was done where regular cigarette smoking was allowed, then no problem. So if you are allowed to smoke a ciggie in your car, I don't see why you would have to put the joint out.

    In fact, I will ask him when I get a chance. Guess there the concerned might be driving while intoxicated.
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  5. Ok, so I got an answer for you, straight from Mr McLynas himself,

    "A joint will be treated like a cigarette, but it may make my guys want to check to see if you are OK to drive or not. It's kind of like pulling someone over with a beer in their hand. The beer is legal, the drinking and driving isn't cool. "

    How is that for a common sense sheriff?
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  6. if the County sheriff could sign off of those UN drug treaties in that Area no worries of UN taking over there with the Drug war madness and federal funding forcing places to Obey or else
  7. A County sheriff can deny other agencies operations in the area.
    Radical idea, but interesting.

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  8. This is absolutely true and how Humboldt county has survived since the fishing and lumber regulations. Weed was the sole thing keeping the community alive and so sheriffs turned a blind eye. Also the area is so huge and hilly with very few cops to find everything.
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  9. Yes, turns out politics got so confusing the regular John Doe doesn't really understand how everything works.

    No expert here, and I am going by memory so if someone can correct me I would appreciate it.

    Seems there is only one Sheriff per county, who is elected. He has jurisdiction in the WHOLE county. There can also be Constables, which are like a sub section of the Sheriff. Since Sheriff is elected, he can't be "fired". If people are not happy with the Sheriff they get to elect him out.

    Sheriff has control of county jails, courts, etc.

    Cities can hire the Sheriff to provide services or they can create their own Police Department. The mayor and/or city council are the ones who pick the Chief of Police.

    Sheriff doesn't have much say on the day to day operations of a police department, but they do have say on who they accept into county jails.

    What McLynas is proposing is that he will have all his deputies not enforce any cannabis statues. He can't force the PDs to do the same, but he can refuse to take any inmate into custody at the county jail that has any type of cannabis related charges. If the local PDs want to continue arresting people for cannabis related statues they would have to figure out where to house their inmates.

    Personally I am surprised it is not much more of a buzz around the pot smoking community.
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  10. they have sheriff per town and I believe one in charge of county. Not sure though. Yea they been not giving a shit here for 20 years. Dont even get a ticket if you have a lb in the back. They definitely crack down on DUI's out here.
  11. We need more Law Enforcement brass like this as he seems to make a lot of sense.
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