Have you ever?

Discussion in 'General' started by provin1327, May 25, 2006.

  1. Have you ever not had any weed and you just made a home made water bong out of a gatorade or somthing, then pretended to take a hit? I just did it and it was fun because schools out, im bored, my friends are still taking finals so I cant drive to their house and smoke, and yea bongs are cool.
  2. im in a situation where i am home.. i have my bong....... I have my lighter.. im dry.

    trying to figure out how to use keef in the bong.. i dont think it will work though. might have to just try it with the vaporizer.

    i know what you mean... even the act of smoking can be relaxing... either that or you and I are losers cause ive done that before.

    Go us!
  3. haha heck yea, my home made bong was bad, im alone also right now, but dont have any bud, but i pulled out my bobbler and just got a little resin hit and heard the bubbling sound, and now thinking of what its like actually smoking made me chill.
  4. sorry to say i've done that too except it wasnt even a bong it was just a water bottle.

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