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  1. Have you ever been confused about if you actually "loved" someone or just loved the "thought" of someone being there for you?
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    I do not love anyone including my family, But I would love a bangmaid.

    To be less vulgure, I would love a best friend that cooks and cleans.
  3. Some girl I had been dating for 2 months told me that she loved me and I was just like alriiiiiight and then a week later broke up with her. She was weird
  4. i have, thinking back on it she was a dumb b!tch, a really dumb b!tch. and she was a real b!tch too
  5. I know exactly what you mean. The last girl I dated told me she thought that she was falling in love with me; and I told her I thought so too. Didn't stop her from randomly breaking it off with me a few weeks later and wanting to remain friends with benefits, basically. I think we both were more comfortable with having the idea of somebody to be there for us, rather than love itself.
  6. Its scary, how do you actually know when someone loves you...?
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    That is fucking hot!

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