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Have you ever.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by StayHigh v2, May 2, 2011.

  1. Coughed your weed right off the table, and didnt find even a rip.

    epic fail. almost as bad as dropping 2 kief bong packs back to back right on the carpet. fml
  2. i have...and ive also laughed the weed right off the table into the carpet never to be found.

    and as for the kief...R.I.P.
  3. I can't recall a major fail, but just like any new smoker and their first time ripping a bong, yes, I blew into it.
  4. last night i had my weed on the table the nugs blew away in the wind i searched for them and finally found 2 big nugs of the eighth i had. we continued to get drunk and i stuck them in a weed box for safe keeping. then this crazy ass kid started throwing shit in the fire and i saw him pick the weed box up and throw it in the fire.... i cried hard

  5. Shit... gotta throw the crazy ass kid in too. Doubt he'll smell as good as dank though.
  6. Once, I knocked a grinder full of weed right off the table when I was reaching for it. That sucked
  7. One time we packed a keif bowl, (at nighttime) and I ripped the b and handed the b and the bowlpiece to my friend and it was hard to see because it was so dark and I thought he grabbed both, but sadly he had only grabbed the b so the bowlpiece fell and got emptied out and the piece that fits in the downstem cracked :cry:

  8. Speak for yourself maann. I drooled inside but didn't blow inside my first time.

  9. My friend did that right when I sold him a gram. I just gave him another one. Im a bro bro :hello:
  10. No. I take care of my prized possessions
  11. #11 coehsp, May 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Accidents happen.

  12. HAHA! that must have been so awkward. "dude did you just drool in my bong","ummm no?":eek:
  13. Hahahahaha. I've seen a few droolers in my days.
  14. lotsa times...haha
  15. i've dropped the bowl on the carpet mid packing, had the breeze blow my weed out of a joint mid roll, coughed on my table while breaking down.

    everything so far if you havent you're probably not a stoner.
  16. 2 kief bong packs is nothing to drop.... once i dropped the bottom piece of my grinder which was FULL of kief.... lost like 90% of it :(
  17. how the hell did that happen? damn bro


    luckily i usually find the bud that escapes.
  18. the worst thing thats ever happened to me is when all the weed came out the bag in my hoodie pocket. All of the weed had god damn pieces of lint and dust stuck in between the buds.

    Of course i was the bigger man and just smoked that shit.
  19. I drop shit on my carpet sometimes, but I just pick it p with tweezers. I don't have a grinder anymore though, methinks that would be tough to pick up.
  20. I've had my share of dropping the bowl and losing bud. But it made up for it when I was reorganizing my room one day and found a nug behind my tv (right next to comp desk). We had this kid over back in the day who tried a bong for the first time. Hit it fine, then coughed into it and launched the bowl into the dirt, along with all the weed. Funny and beat at the same time.

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