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  1. Have you ever grown hermie seeds outdoors????(self pollinated or herm pollinated female ) If yeas tell me please the results.cheers
  2. Hermies suck dick, i hate hermies, ive had 1 before, i pulled that son bitch, it sort of hurt me to do so because it still produces bud, but i didnt want it to pollenate all my plants.
  3. I am more interested in growing out seeds that resulted from a female being pollinated by a hermie plant.I am sure some of you did a grow like that for what ever reason(I read in the past about it but can`t really remember)
  4. some years aco a pot dealer gave me a discount because his grower had a undetected hermie in the growroom and there were seeds in the bud. Even with the seeds it was strong MJ. I saved these seeds and tried them. Ialso gave some to a friend. We grew quite a number over the next 2 or 3 years. ALL plants were female and we never had a hermie. I could never find out the strain but it was a good smoke.
  5. thats how i started i found a few seeds in my bag of dank cuz some1 mess'd up growin..
    all my seeds were fine i only found one flower groin on my plants.. (hermi) but i kept her she produced me about 12 more female seeds... i think hermies are for the most part a thign of indoor's
  6. Thanks fellas you made my day.
  7. My last bunch was god berry and when I used bushmaster on em they hermied from it. Unless the seeds are from a real hermi instead of a plant that is put into producing male flowers via chemical - hormones they should be fine and you should be getting female seeds only anyways. That is unless they are from another strain entirely.

    Good luck and god growing. :)
  8. Thanks for the well wishes.I know hermie seeds are bad genetics but its hard to get seeds where i`m from,hope for good genetics next year.It would be nice to have a high female to male ratio.Hope for the best definitely positive vibes here
  9. You are here so you have the net - get it there is best.
  10. Hmm yes i have net and i have try`d everything but with no result lost over 300euros in envelops probably post office workers stole the money :) but its all good what happened was meant to happen maybe more luck next year as i was saying:smoking:

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