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Have you ever taken a hit that was so intense that..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by marioateyoshi, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Have you ever taken a hit that was so intense that you coughed a shit ton to the point where you were puking or at least gagging?

    Yea.. so that happened to me this morning (right now is my morning by the way) during my wake and bake. I decided to test out this make-shift gravity bong I made. So I packed it, got it all set up, lit it and lift off..I unscrewed the cap and proceeded to place my lips at the opening...and then it happened. I took it..I was so thrown back that I leaned over my open window and started either gasping for air or gagging from the smoke still coming out...then, I think i puked..a little. ..that happened for a hot minute...

    But end result, I am super stoned..:smoke:

    Ever happened to you?
  2. this happened to me all the time when my tolerance was pretty low. i used to love it. doesn't happen anymore though :(
    except for me, id get really really hot. like on the verge of sweating due to all the coughing lol
    enjoy those high's while they last my friend.
  3. first ever bong rip this happened to me, used half a bowl of baccy and half of mids, back in 07 days kids, bad times
  4. Yeah, first time I hit a spoon I hit it like a small bong, so it took a huge and harsh hit that I was totally not expecting. I was coughing for like a minute, it sucked ass.

    I try not to cough at all when I'm smoking. I'd much rather take small hits and a couple big ones.
  5. When I hit my buddies Roor, you would not believe...
  6. Ha when I hit my first makeshift gravity bong I felt like I was hacking up a lung... Good times.
  7. I love coughing from a huge bong rip, feels so good. Like its clearing out all the shit I just inhaled minus the beautiful THC and cannabanoids :)
  8. ive taken hits out of shitty pipes so that realllly hot smoke makes me just hurl. i only puked off a bong rip once and its not like i was throwing up... i spit out a HUGE pile of mucus and spit... nastiest and weirdest thing ever. at least my nose was unclogged after that :)
  9. I took my 4th bong hit in about 5 minutes and I about lost it. Damn, I was dying haha
  10. you prob swallowed it by accident. Ive taken some huge ass fuckin hits in my life but it made me cough for 5 minutes straight ha but never puked. Only felt like puking after a smoked a blunt so thats why I only do papers, not because of wiz khalifa. He sucks anyways.
  11. When I first started doing waterfalls with 2 litre bottles, used to burn my throat so bad I couldn't stop dribbling after, felt like I couldn't swallow quick enough and I would end up choking

    Used to spit out a mouthful of resin too
  12. Yep, from what I can gather it's a pretty common thing. I also used to cough so hard that I would get massive head pressure - it felt like my head was quite literally going to pop like a balloon. I guess some people (like me) need to learn the limit of their lungs the hard way.
  13. We cut the very bottom off a milk jug for a gravity bong, milked it, and I got the first hit. It felt like the smoke threw me backwards when it exploded out of my lungs. Then I hit the ground with my eyes squeezed shut, coughing, couldn't catch a breathe at all. And that's all I know about that night.
  14. i coughed so hard one time i farted really loud hahaha
    awesome hit though
  15. Yea. That wasn't my first time but I haven't had a serious hit like that in a while. I think it's cause I really didn't expect to get a rip like that..and it when it came, I took all of that milky white smoke in and yea..i choked and yea I probably did swallow some..:eek::bongin
  16. oh man... third of fourth time i used my bowl, i was so high that i didn't notice that it was cashed out, so i hit it super hard b/c i wasn't getting any smoke, and inhaled the fucking cherry. i started coughing like mad and yaked in the bathroom.

    then i went back and smoked more.
  17. One time this dude gave me and 2 friends this skimpy sack and we were pissed but when we smoked it we all threw up off of our first hit and we were fucked up, but I think it was laced cause the dude does coke and acid and shit
  18. My friend and I made a gravity bong, neither of us were novices so we didn't think much of it. I took the first hit and didn't cough up a long, just a normal cough you would get from your throat being tickled by smoke. So my friend goes in for his hit and takes it, exhales, and coughs so hard he shits himself, it dribbled down his leg onto the kitchen floor before he made it to the bathroom.
  19. I have the worst lungs from smoking cigs/weed bong tokes everyday for the past few years. I gag every time I take a massive hit, which is pretty often since I love my bong and I love taking huge hits. Always cough up some nasty shit. Think I'm dieing.
  20. first bong rip i ever took, it was TOO smooth
    so i think that my lungs were 100% weed smoke and 0% oxygen.
    then followed a vicious combination of coughing and gasping for air. not fun.

    the high on the other hand, was incredible x)

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