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  1. So my plants have been quite healthy this whole Grow. I have two large Og Kush's growing outside. They have been in flower for 3 weeks
    I left for the weekend and my typically feeding cycle is as follows
    Two days feed
    1 day water
    2 feed
    1 water
    1 day of dry out
    I was leaving for the weekend and doubled my bloom nutes (total ppm per plant was about 1200), thinking it wouldn't hurt it.
    So I come back from the weekend to see a decent amount of damage on some of my leaves, I would say roughly 2-5% of my leaves have this sort of damage (my plants are about 6-7 feet and quite large.)
    Now the obvious answer is I gave them too many nutes, but this didn't look like normal nute burn to me AND while I was gone I got some a thrips/aphid attack, these curled leaves bronzed leaves seem to be showing up around or near the pest damage I received as well.
    So I guess I'm wanting to know how you seen this sort of damage from nute brun?
    Could there be a more serious issues like russet mites, root rot, or something along those lines?
    Please let me know any thoughts you may have. Here are some images

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  2. Fungus gnats chomping your roots maybe
  3. Yeah 1200 ppm is way to hot for soil in my opinion.
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