Have you ever seen the stars?

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  1. Have you ever seen the stars...on weed?


    I'm thinking of buying this telescope with a 3x barlow for my first telescope.

    Anyone into astronomy?
  2. Love astronomy. Esp when its warm out lol. Havent had a good stare at the stars because its been so bitterly cold where I'm at. Took an Astro class a year ago and I was way more into it than I thought. Got to see the Space Station pass right over my house last summer that was pretty cool. Got to see Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Mars last summer too. There was a week or two when they were all super high and bright in the sky at certain times.
  3. Hell yeah took an astro course in college. Been into it the last 5 years. Seen all the planets visible by the naked eye (mercury, venus, Earth obviously, mars, jupiter, saturn and uranus(super faint)) also seen jupiter 4 largest moons through a telescope. The moon is awesome through a telescope. You can sometimes seen the barely lit rim of craters in the dark area, it's neat:smoking:
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    I've always wanted to.. But I have a habit of getting into a hobby only for the novelty to wear off after a short time. While this is fine for many things, astronomy is an expensive novelty. Furthermore, I live in the middle of a city and would have to drive out of the light pollution to see anything at all.

    May I copy and paste a tip guide I read not long ago on beginner telescopes (might be handy if you're buying):

  5. Yep, but I'm not the one to ask about buying telescopes.

    Have fun, though, and post pictures if you can.
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    Thanks a bunch for the good read.

    Yes, it is an expensive hobby. I realized this while reading reviews on scopes in my price range. These would be optimal if I was a 6 year old grandchild.:)

    Thanks, I definitely will if I can.

    edit: I looked up the article you posted to see the links and in the comments section, someone pointed out in the Little Caesars pizza commercial the telescope is upside down.

  7. My brother is into astronomy. He loves going out on a clear night, getting stoned and watching the starts. He gifted us with a telescope he made, "Big Blue" that is almost as tall as I am. We occasionally haul it out for star gazing, but the weather around here is seldom cooperative. Whenever anything interesting is happening, the clouds roll in! :(

    Granny :wave:
  8. I've never peeked through a telescope, and the city lights in Vegas kill any chance I have of seeing anything more the a few stars peppering the sky.

    The first time I actually saw stars was when I went to Utah for 3 days with my girl's family, and we were in the middle of nowhere.

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