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Have you ever pissed off a dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by j420kid, Nov 21, 2014.

  1. #1 j420kid, Nov 21, 2014
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    I think I may have pissed off my dealer
    Have any of you guys ever piss off a dealer?

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  2. #2 Mid man, Nov 21, 2014
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    No. Because I don't say dumb shit, like if my bags short i don't say something like "Did I hand you $30 by accident? Oh, then why is my bag a g short?" 
    I also don't constantly ask if they are on their way or if they have any shit in yet.
    Those 3 things seem to be the things that piss dealers of 99% of the time
    Don't forget always asking for a new front right after they pay the old front. That can get old real fast.
  4. Only time I've pissed off a dealer is when the dealer is a fucktard who thinks he can rip me off. Like they're the only one who knows what a scale is? lol
    The 2 that I have pissed off got upset because I called them out on it and they got offended..then they go to the usual "nah nah bruh your scale must be off" or some other typical jive bullshit.
  5. pissed off my guy many times, when the weed looked sub par.
    but we're still buddies 20 years later..
    business is business.
  6. Yea
    It's like, if the shit is short or not on par with quality there is a way of saying it. Even though it is highly likely if it's short it's on purpose you still don't say dumb shit because that will guarantee you not getting re-hooked up 
  7. #7 lisamc, Nov 21, 2014
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    Yes I have. Way back in the day I would only buy small amounts at a time. But I started smoking more, but not buying more. So about everyday I was at this guys house asking to buy. Finally he was like, "look. I have a family and I can't have you here every day! Either buy more at a time or buy less!"
    I felt like a douche. But he got over it. I just did what he asked me to do! -_-

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  8. #8 Infinite Experience, Nov 21, 2014
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    Pissed off a dealer? No. But I have annoyed them, I used to be one of those kids in High School who would ask for a gram all the time, and ask for a hookup for the small amount of cash I had at the moment. I started to notice that it was annoying them because they stopped replying to my texts.
  9. I pissed off my sister one time in her tenure of being my dealer, and it was cuz my room reeked like weed and she didn't want our parents to bust us
  10. #10 TheWhiteLighter, Nov 21, 2014
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    Ya I have pissed off a few over the years mostly about personal shit 1 way or another. Some were friends, some aquaintenses. I didn't really care because people sometimes piss me off. Dealer's are people too.

    I never did run out of dealers tho and some I have known for 20+ yrs and am still good with.
  11. Only the shitty ones
  12. im sure i have a few dozen times or so hes a good guy tho we get along
  13. I tend to piss off the dealers that seem to forget they're running a business; if they conduct it poorly I gladly take my business elsewhere and let them know it. Usually when I let them know that I'm not satisfied with skimpy bags or shitty attitudes and stop contacting them for a couple weeks they'll recontact me and try to make it right. If not, the worst thing that happens is I stop giving my money to a shithead and I establish a new connect.
  14. i knew a guy for a couple years and then we had just started smoking together. i called him to ask for what prices he could get and he said he was with his guy right now and we could meet. after we exchange i get in my car and start to drive away and they call me and say you gave me $xxx and i said yeah. he chuckles and says oh you thought i said $xxx and then tells me i heard him worng. it was for a half ounce and with the $50 extra dollars it wasnt even worth it because i could have got it cheaper from someone else. they followed me back to my house to get the rest of the money. i thought they were going to kick my ass, but instead he just shorted me a lot on an ounce i bought from him the next week. 
  15. I have piss off my share of dealers in my life. Most of the time they tried to rip me off and call on it.
    One time this one dealer tried to rip us me and my bro chase him down and beat  on him he give us free dimes to stop 
  16. Back in the day, asking for a dime 5 times a week instead of buying in bulk. That did it.
  17. I disagree. If you don't confront a dealer who ripped you off, they'll think it's okay to rip you off in the future. If a dealer doesn't get his shit together, after he's been called out on it, his customers will find someone better.

    And OP, you didn't specify what you did to "piss off your dealer" but dealers are only doing what they do for the cash. Unless you tried to rob your dealer, he isn't thinking about your conversation with him, as much as you think he might be.
  18. #18 Mid man, Nov 22, 2014
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    I didn't say not to confront them but if you act like an asshole about it there is a 95% chance you won't be getting your shit back
  19. i've been complaining about the lack of variety for ages. almost every contact i have only ever has cheese & im sick of it. i reckon they're probably getting pissed with me for going on about it every time but i dont care
  20. #20 Mid man, Nov 22, 2014
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    Lol if you're in a illegal state how are you gonna whine about lack of variety. there is only so much you can bitch about

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