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Have you ever noticed...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. ...that when you are from Cali and go to a different state on vacation that once they find out you are from Cali they start treating you different (negative)?

    Don't hate me cuz of where I am from, thats almost as bad as hating someone for their skin color.

    So take all that negative energy and put it to good use. Examine our government, pack a bowl, vote.

    I'm not baiting or flaming anyone by posting this, I have noticed people hating Californians since I was 10 and flew back east. Goes to show you how much hate they have in their hearts.
  2. I cant say I've noticed that too much, most of the time it's people from the East Coast here that say "Cali is great, weather is awesome, hot babes and aweosme weed". Damn right.

    If they dont like Calior people from, screw em, theyre just a bunch of ignortant buttheads ( im trying to cut down on my swearing).
  3. I moved from the South to the North and i get called an inbred redneck all the time in a joking tone.I hate it cause i grew up fairly affluent.I think im fairly well read and educated.But just cause i was born in SC i am somehow less of a person.Its all ignorance my friend and a way for others to bring you down
  4. It's just jealiousy.
  5. dude as a pure-bred yankee imperialist i have to say the southern accent just makes my ice-like blood boil.

    fuck though, we have our fair share of inbred rednecks in new england so it's all good ya'll.

    what REALLY REALLY REALLY pisses me off is when some fucker from NEW HAMPSHIRE is all walking around in his confederate flag hat. DOO DA DOO I'M A YANKEE BUT I LIVE FER DIXIE LMAO LMAO UNGFFF UNGFF

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