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Have You Ever Noticed When Smoking With Someone. . . .

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dante Blaze, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. That for some people smoking marijuana makes them VERY SOCIALLY AWKWARD?

    It can be annoying and it's why I don't like smoking with newbs
  2. I know what you mean. Last night I was smoking a Vaporizor with a bunch of kids and there was one kid who was pretty newbie. At one point he just put his head in his hands and almost passed out. I think it's easy to get really high sometimes, but newbies just don't know how to handle it.
  3. Woah, don't be so quick to judge. I'm not a newb at smoking, but I too put my head in my hands and close my eyes when I smoke too much. Doesn't mean your a newbie, just means you smoked too much for your tolerance level, lol.
  4. they get VERY socially akward and become filled with chuckles but who hasnt cracked up really hard?
  5. I mean conversation wise, the type you just can't talk to because there like on a different wavelength of communication.
  6. Almost everyone was a little awkward when they first started out. The important thing for newbs is to smoke with a bunch of friends their first few times. They'll eventually open up and engage in conversation, and soon enough they'll be talking to complete strangers like they're best friends in the world.
  7. I'm guessing I'm not alone when I say my tolerance allows for reasonably unlimited pot smoking without getting too high. I can easily smoke a 2g headie blunt to the dome and still get shit done/function with no problem.
  8. Woah, really? Thats insane. I'm glad I'm a lightweight/mediumweight toker. I don't like getting too messed up, otherwise I feel like junk. I like to function properly, lol.
  9. I used to get like that when I got too baked when I was littler. I kind of like it when it happens to people now then I can start a whole new conversation by making fun of the light weight.
  10. Yea from your other thread you said you take 1-2 week t-breaks from bud which helps a LOT. I pretty much smoke every 3 hours or so daily, haven't taken a 24 hour tbreak for who knows how long. Not proud of it just saying :wave:
  11. You don't have to be new to smoking to become socially dettached when you smoke. My friend has been smoking for as long as I have and she still get's really quiet sometimes. It's mostly because I can tell she's just getting lost in all her negative thoughts.... so i yell at her and tell her to stop.

    Weed effects everyone differently.;)
  12. I dont know I dont dwell on bad thoughts...weed is an escape from bad allows me even for just twenty minutes to feel happy about my life/and future. Makes me optimistic, which is why I love it so much.
  13. Yeah, that must be it. I usually go 3-4 days smoking, than 3-4 days not smoking. On and off.
  14. wow. lets make fun of the guy who can smoke less, spend less, and get higher than you! :p

    i never found your argument to make sense. i only smoke about once every 2 weeks to keep it that way.

  15. This is how I am.. my tolerance is just isnanely high, and I GET super high, I can just function and go about my day with an insane buzz.

    But for the OP, I agree totally. I mean, I don't really get annoyed, per se, since everyone has a different reaction, and if they're having a good time, thats fine by me. I know people who like to just get high and chill, and they get quiet and just do whatever. That's their call, not mine to make.

    Alot of the time when this happens, if they're a noob to smoking, I just tell them to relax, because it's not like we're going to make fun of them or anything. If they're not a noob and you can play around with them with them KNOWING it's a joke, then I mind even less.

    But if I had the choice, I'd definately pick someone like me to smoke with over those types. Someone who just gets social and goofy, but mellows out when they need to. But hey, as long as they're enjoying themselves and they're not just "too high" for their tolerance, it's all good by me.
  16. Exactly.

  17. props dude....for me its either im picking up a quarter every 3-4 days, or nothing at all.

    its fucking crazy, if im on a t-break and i take a rip, i feel like shit and i tell myself im not gonna smoke until my t-break is over....2 minutes later im packing a bowl in the bong while ive got a blunt in my mouth.
  18. Theres a difference between someone gets higher than someone who gets KOed by weed when we've only smoked two blunts...if he just got high and acted normal thats cool when your kneed over with your head buried in your knees whilst your friends are trying to have a sociable smoke session it is fun to poke fun at him as well as fuck with him. But hey to each his own. That said I have no idea what you meant by the second part of your post.
  19. Argh.
    Not too long ago, I had some mates over at my house. All were experienced stoners except one person who had never smoked anything in his life.
    We spent a lot of the night teaching him how to hit pipes/bongs because he was too afraid to man up and do it.
    And he kept saying he wasn't high, so we were trying to get him to hit things better and ended up using the rest of our weed.
    So all the actual stoners are barely buzzed, and the newb is tripping balls. Even worse, he wouldn't shut up or stop laughing.
    I really don't want to smoke with him again...he harshed our mellow bad.

    So yeah, a few people aren't fun when they are stoned, especially if they are new to it.
  20. Thats not his fault though, thats yours. You all decided to give him more. You could have just as easily rolled a blunt and passed it around for him. Usually folks don't get high the first time.

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